0 PAY Pushchair accident Moscow 2 east2west news

Heart-Wrenching moment shows pushchair somersaults down escalator at shopping centre

0 PAY Pushchair accident Moscow 2 east2west news

CCTV has captured the horrifying moment two children were catapulted down a moving escalator as one pushed the other in a pushchair.

It has been reported both children were left with head injuries by the heart-stopping accident which took place in a busy shopping centre.

Footage shows a young child sitting in buggie while a second young child dressed in a pink top pushes him towards an escalator.

A third child in a dark red top also seems to be helping try to manoeuvre the push-chair towards the moving staircase as the group appear to be attempting to simply get down stairs.

0 PAY Pushchair accident Moscow 4 east2west news

After a slight struggle, the girl in pink succeeds in pushing forward the chair – only for disaster to strike a second later.

With the weight at the front too much for the young girl to support, the pushchair tips forward and begins tumbling down the metal stairs.

The speed and propulsion of the fall caused the young girl to be thrown over the top of the buggie and sent tumbling down the stairs herself.

0 PAY Pushchair accident Moscow 5 east2west news

The duo are then seen somersaulting down the entire length of the staircase.

The other child in dark red ran away from the staircase as the shocking scenes unfolded.

While horrified shoppers rushed towards the young children and helped pull them away from the foot of the stairs after them came to a crashing stop.

The horror incident happened at a shopping centre in Andropova Avenue in South Moscow, Russia.

The Sun reports both children suffered head injuries, but local news website KP.RU have stated that the condition of the children is yet to be determined, while the whereabouts of the children’s parent’s is said to be under investigation.

The website reports: “The children could hardly come to the mall on their own, and with a stroller. That means that the parents were somewhere nearby.”

The report also raises questions about the approach to health and safety in the mall as the Russian report states: “escalator operators, who, according to the instructions, must stop in such cases.”

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