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5 Worst Devil Fruit Powers In One Piece, That Would Really Suck in Real Life

devil fruit

The Devil Fruits, fruits that give strength but at a great cost to their nautical heroes and villains, were introduced to audiences by One Piece.

For many fans, the prospect of acquiring rubber abilities, being able to control the elements and devour the souls of those in your grip could sound like an enticing prospect, losing the ability to swim aside.

Most Devil Fruits sound amazing, indeed. Each Devil Fruit will potentially turn you into one of the most feared pirates on the Grand Line in the fantasy pirate world of One Piece.

We have to wonder, however, in a realistic setting, if these forces are all that practical.

Although many Devil Fruits sound worth the expense, others are just plain bad, like the SMILE Fruits, and others grant powers that might honestly cause more trouble than they are worth. But which one of the Devil Fruits in One Piece would have sucked the most in real life?

The Swim-Swim Fruit

Senor Pink Cropped 1

In One Piece, most Devil Fruits find it difficult to swim in the water, and although this one is no exception, the Swim-Swim Fruit gives the ability to swim across solid mass to its user.

Specifically, the Float-Swim Fruit, eaten by Senor Pink of Donquixote, enables anyone who bites into it to swim through the earth and out of walls.

While this may sound like an interesting ability, it also implies that the consumer is fully submerged in the soil, so they may inadvertently swallow some of the soil in which they swim.

This also ensures that bugs, animal droppings, and any harmful substances that could have leaked into the soil may be eaten by the person using it.

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Worse still, if you were knocked out mid-stride, you would fall into the Ground, drowning in the matter around you as you lose control that would solidify you.

The Glint-Glint Fruit

kizaru using devil fruit one piece 1 3

In One Piece, few Devil Fruits are as strong as the Glint-Glint Fruit. A Logia-Type is the Glint-Glint Fruit, one that enables anyone who absorbs it to turn their body into light energy.

They can drive their bodies at light speed with it, produce lasers and even barrages of deadly light bursts.

Due to his amazing reflexes, its owner, Admiral Kizaru, is able to manipulate and control the light perfectly. Every ordinary human being, however, can find the Glint-Glint Fruit to be too much to handle.

They could find themselves overshooting their destination if an average person traveled by the light. Light flies 186,282 miles per second, roughly

. Light will circumnavigate the Planet in one second, which is a comparatively tiny 24,901 miles, seven and a half times.

Admiral Kizaru can, of course, correctly stop himself just in time to reach his destination, but if an individual fails to respond quickly enough, they can find themselves rematerializing over the Atlantic Ocean, which is suicide for a consumer of Devil Fruit.

Things get a little worse, though, when you take physics into account. The closest the actual mass gets to the speed of light, the further the mass grows.

If light-speed was attained by a physical object of some dimension, its mass would become infinite. That means that anything that it reached or moved near its direction will simply be obliterated. It would be as if the planet’s atmosphere was skimming into a black hole.

Put simply, it would be necessary to fly at light-speed to kill the entire planet.

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The Munch-Munch Fruit

Wapol Cropped

One Piece has one Devil Fruit that brings to its logical peak the expression ‘you are what you eat’.

The Munch-Munch Fruit helps its user to manifest and integrate into his body everything he consumes. It is owned by Wapol, the Drum Island Arc’s main villain, and the Fruit, also in-canon, has some negative side effects, such as endless hunger.

More horrific than that, though, the Munch-Munch Fruit practically ensures that its users will be constantly exposed to horrific transformations. Hungry constantly? Yeah, that means you’re going to continuously eat food that can manifest itself in horrible ways.

To complicate things worse, it means you’re going to have to eat steel in order to optimize the use of this capacity. In order to obtain enormous strength, Wapol uses the bulk of Drum Island’s weaponry. Really, are you ready to eat guns, bullets, and metal shields?

The Smooth-Smooth Fruit

Alvida Cropped

The Smooth-Smooth Fruit is definitely one of the Devil Fruits in One Piece that is more troubling but not for immediately obvious purposes.

The Smooth-Smooth Fruit makes it possible for its users to be extra slippery. Something that gets in touch with them just slips right off.

One peculiar aspect of this, however, is that excess fat often just slides off the body of a human, as seen by Alvida, the consumer of the Smooth-Smooth Fruit.

Here is where things get strange. On the one side, by nature, the Smooth-Smooth Fruit makes someone extremely slick, so if someone were to try to hug or kiss you, they will fall right off, whether or not you want them to.

The concept that your body fat can slip off your person, however, is rather grim, like anything from a film by Cronenberg.

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What happens to body fat like that? Would that mean you’d have to clean up bits of fatty, pulsating meat from your carpet if you were eating Smooth-Smooth fruit in your living room? Extreme loss of weight can cause severe health problems, which do not appear to be negated by this fruit.

The Dark-Dark Fruit

Marshal D Teach Cropped

Unsurprisingly, one of One Piece’s most strong Devil Fruits is arguably also the worst one to have in real life. The Dark-Dark Fruit is Marshall D’s Devil Fruit.

It stands out as one of the evilest Devil Fruits out there by its very nature. This helps the user to control the darkness itself, generating responsive darkness that can consume anything around it.

With this living darkness, all attacks or elements can be nullified and any Devil Fruit powers can be negated as long as they are touched by Teaching.

Of course, while all of these in-text forces have drawbacks (for example, darkness does not make the user invincible to other attacks), the real issue here is darkness itself, which sounds like a black hole—one of the most powerful gravitational power wells around. The Dark-Dark Fruit helps the user to use this darkness to bend and manipulate gravity.

All of this seems to suggest that anyone who uses the Dark-Dark Fruit plays with a strong enough gravitational force to absorb and devour stars.

All it would take is for a Dark-Dark Fruit consumer to lose control for a second and it could all be deleted.

It could take up the whole world, dragging everyone and everything into it. The planet of One Piece has not sunk into the seas by inadvertently summoning Teach a world-ending black hole in his sleep. It’s a shock.

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