A salon worker becomes a millionaire a year after launching his Amazon business right in his bedroom


A hair salon worker made redundant in the pandemic of Covid is on track to become a millionaire in less than a year after launching a £ 12,000-a-day company during lockdown from his bedroom.

By selling dental and exercise equipment and DIY goods online, Ben Gulliver has already produced sales of $1 million (£730,000) at the age of 20.

In March, he first started the company when he was furloughed from the work that he “didn’t enjoy” as a consultant at a hair studio in Romford, East London.

By selling teeth cleaning products purchased from China, the savvy entrepreneur wanted to test the waters, and later sold the company to an American investor for a five-figure sum.

He made sales of £ 200,000 in one month, shifting £ 100,000 worth of stock in just 10 days via Amazon, said Ben, who still lives at home with his parents.

He said, “I wasn’t really enjoying my job selling hair transplants to people and I thought I had to go for it when we were furloughed.”

I knew that there would not be another opportunity to set up my own company, and that was something I always wanted to do. It was the best moment.


In order to see what business ideas I could do, I began investigating on YouTube. I thought, what things are good to sell? A problem-solving product. I started thinking about what people would need during the lockdown, and my first idea was to purchase and sell a cleaning device for teeth plaque as all dentists were closed.

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I made £ 12,000 a day on my best days with that product. I sold the business to an American company around October for a five-figure sum.

As people had been working out more from home, Ben did not stop there, and wanted to move on to selling fitness equipment.


The 20-year-old said that he is grateful to his parents, but admits that he is “probably doing their heads in now” and wants to move out.

He also has enough cash to pay a friend to work with him out of Bewdley’s office, and says that for him, his buddy handles customer service.

Ben said, “I stored the stock in my parents’ garage. To say the least, they were very understanding. I’m probably doing their heads now. I’m probably doing their heads.”

I’ve made some money now, so I’m probably going to look to get out. I have an office in Bewdley now and have a friend working to help me out.

“So we’re just a band of two people. Sometimes it’s all you need.

He deals with customer care and stuff like that. It’s nice to be able to work and give him a stable income with a friend.

“We distribute via Amazon and we sell internationally – from the USA, Africa to Asia.”

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