0 Autumn weather Nov 9th 2020

‘African heat burst’ to strike Britain in a mid-week washout before 65 mph winds

0 Autumn weather Nov 9th 2020

Before things go more downhill for the weekend, fierce gusts strong enough to bring down trees will bear a band of heavy rain through most of the UK from tomorrow.

“Looking at Wednesday, BBC forecaster Chris Fawkes said:” On this next weather front, the rain will be heavy and some winds will be especially squalid just on and ahead of this weather front.

“These gusty winds may be heavy enough to bring down a few tree branches, and across Wednesday and Wednesday night, this rain will sweep right across the UK.

“For a while, we’ll all get a dose of the heavy storm.”

Although Thursday promises to be drier and lighter, he said, “it’s all downhill for Friday,” with clouds and rain coming together by the end of the week.

Promises to be drier and lighter Thursday. It’s all downhill on Friday, with clouds and rain coming together by the end of the week.

“The forecaster Marco Petagna said, referring to the unseasonable mild weather:” Is it really autumn?

“While Brian Gaze of Weather Outlook added:” It is notably warm, after frosts and snow, with 18C feeling like an Indian summer.

“But computer forecasts indicate that the weather in late November is colder.”

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Some charts indicate that by December, Britain could see even colder temperatures than normal.

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