0 Boxing Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

After eight rounds, Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr’s fight ends with a DRAW

0 Boxing Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

A fairytale return to the ring against Roy Jones Jr has been achieved by Mike Tyson – but the judges ruled it as a draw.

Fifteen years after retirement from the sport, millions tuned in from around the world to watch his prime recreated by one of the greatest of all time.

The fight was fought over eight two-minute rounds and little glimmers of Tyson and Jones’s former grandeur were plain for all to see.

It was in the fifth round when Jones was rocked out of Tyson by a thunderous left, proving that the worst guy on the planet already had the strength to make him one of the most hated fighters of all time.

But as the end of the fight arrived, the judges decided there was no way for the two to be split.

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0 Boxing Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr 2

“With that, I’m good,” Tyson said of the performance.

Yeah, but I’m good at drawing, so I amused the audience, and the crowd was pleased about it.

I’m used to three minutes of doing so, sometimes like two minutes or three minutes.

I always hope to go faster, absolutely, and he will still be in the car.

About what everyone claims, I was very pleased to be here I was happy to go to the eight rounds.

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“Nobody thought I’d be able to go eight rounds, but the distance you have to go, that’s boxing.”

“Jones Jr added: “Dude is such a strong guy! When he hits you, hits your back, hits your body shots, it all hurts.

With a draw, I’m fine. Maybe I just have to do it again.

“The body shots certainly took a toll, which is what makes you exhausted.”

0 Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

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With his admission, Tyson rolled back the years, clearly sporting a black overthrow on top of his traditional simple black trousers.

After the big entrance of Michael Buffer, and musical interludes from Snoop Dogg and Ne-Yo, the action got underway.

Tyson burst out of the blocks, hitting the body in the first round, showing the precise and precise punches he was known for.

It seems like Jones took it more seriously as an exhibition, while Tyson came out shooting, as planned, aiming for a major shot.

Perhaps the fight was shocking as an enjoyable match, with both fighting equally but definitely showcasing their talents.

0 Triller Presents Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr 1

But in the third round when the official paused to inspect for even the slightest cut on the top of Jones’ head, the defensive essence of the area was apparent.

As the match went on, fitness levels were obviously a challenge, but Tyson shone in the latter stages and held hold of the fight.

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But it was deemed a draw by the judges, who were operating in an unofficial capacity.

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