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Alaba is important to Bayern Munich but not irreplaceable like Lewandowski, Muller & Neuer – Matthaus says

thomas muller david alaba robert lewandowski iwxzguugsvug1aji5ny03n3n4

At the Allianz Arena, the flexible Austrian international has seen contract negotiations shelved, with serious questions now being raised regarding his future.

For Bayern Munich, David Alaba remains an important asset, says Lothar Matthaus, but the contract rebel was told that, like Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski, he is not “irreplaceable.”

The flexible Austrian international seems to be moving for the Allianz Arena exit.

Discussions have broken down over a new deal, meaning that a separation of ways could soon be on the cards.

By the end of the season, Alaba is only connected to conditions and will either be unloaded in January or be permitted to join free agency next summer.

Bayern had hoped to prevent such a scenario and, when it comes to a new agreement, is not yet giving up hope of finding a solution, but Matthaus says the German champions are taking the correct path in refusing to be held to ransom.

“David is an important player and the face of FC Bayern,” he told Sky Deutschland. It was for that reason that they gave him such a great deal.

Thomas Muller, Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski are a little more significant in the structure of the salary and are thus above him. David is hard to substitute for. They are irreplaceable to Muller, Lewy and Neuer.

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I hope and still believe that David will play after the season in Munich. The talks have not been simpler for him, however.

David is out and on the market now and that’s what all of Europe now knows. Now it’s going to show how high Alaba ‘s worth is currently in the midst of a global pandemic and if his advisory team has gambled away.

Alaba has been accused of shunning Bayern’s lucrative bid, leading to talks being shelved, and Matthaus wants the 28-year-old to come out and publicly state whether he is making future calls based on sporting considerations or financial gain.

The Bayern legend added: “Bayern withdrew David Alaba ‘s lucrative, equal and completely acceptable bid after many attempts and I can understand that well.”

“You have to put yourself as a club at some stage to set an example. They’ve done it already.

The bid of EUR 11 million plus an additional EUR 6 million as incentives is not child benefit. Who in our society makes so much money?

“In the Corona period, solidarity is particularly important now. And it also refers to soccer stars in particular.

“FC Bayern has always been one of the clubs in the world that politely treats and rewards their players. The offer is more than equal and generous for David.

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It’s very surprising, in any case, that these talks have been going on for so long.

If David is searching for a new opportunity, it should be expressed much more clearly and much sooner. Unfortunately, if he is just interested in more capital, then he has chosen the wrong time.

“Now I’m interested to see if there is a club that has better conditions for Alaba, what his agent would land for him.”

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