Attack on Titan Final Season Countdown Feature Art

Attack on Titan Unveils New Characters in it’s latest Trailer

Attack on Titan Final Season Countdown Feature Art

The series started its countdown with some art that shows a look at a cast of new characters with just three days left before the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan airs.

The Twitter post that shared these illustrations revealed that the seven-day countdown to the debut of the final season was starting.

The piece of art in question was demonstrated by the production staff of the show, and it was disclosed that during the countdown it would be the first of seven pieces scheduled to be published.

The characters on the show in this picture may be very surprising for followers of the anime who have not kept up with the manga.

Instead, there is a small group of new, seemingly younger characters in the place of the protagonists who have followed so far, none of whom were previously seen in the show.

Earlier released photos, with many of the well-known characters looking very different, have already suggested dramatic changes expected to arrive in the final season.

More production staff drawings have been published since the beginning of the countdown to celebrate the imminent arrival of the culmination of the plot.

This included pictures of characters much more familiar to the show’s fans. They have also continued to emphasize, however the prominent position of the younger stars.

In view of the new details shared in these posts, for fans who need to recap the series, or maybe read ahead, the entire manga will soon receive colored reprints to allow the story to be revisited more vividly.

As for the final season itself, the first episode is scheduled to make its debut on Dec. 7 on NHK General TV.

On the same day as its Japanese debut, Funimation is scheduled to premiere the episode, while Netflix Philippines will air it on Dec. 11.


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