Babysitter’s Granddaughter Mistakenly Shoots Best Friend Dead


A five-year-old child has been accidentally shot dead by one of her best friends, police in Georgia have claimed.

On Friday, Jada Willingham died while she and her friend were playing with a loaded pistol they found in the building. As the horrific event happened, she was being babysat by her friend’s 68-year-old grandmother.

The 68-year-old rushed upstairs after hearing a bang to see the girl bleeding from a wound on her forehead, with her young friend standing by her.

“I only pulled (the trigger) back a little bit,” the kid told the grandma, and the police said later.

When police investigators from DeKalb County arrived at around 3:20 pm, they found Jada lying on the floor of the bedroom, with the babysitter trying to stop the flow of blood with a cloth. The little girl was rushed to Egleston Hospital at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, but died of her injuries, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The sitter told the police that her granddaughter had shown her where the gun was found, in the bedroom of her parents. “She grabbed my hand and led me down the hall into her parents’ room and advised she found it on the floor on top of a small ammo box beside the bed,” the police report read.

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The 9mm Smith & Wesson was found “without a holster, full magazine, with a round chambered,” it added. The report of the incident suggested that the gun belonged to the mother of the child, who is in the military.

The grandmother told the police that Jada had told her friend to pull the trigger; the girl told investigators she didn’t know the gun had bullets in it.

The next day, police arrested Chad Brooks Sr, who according to the mother of the victim, was the son-in-law of the babysitter. He is charged with leaving the weapon unattended and has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree child abuse.

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