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Before he died, he slipped and hit his head and was then left alone without help’ for 3 days – Maradona’s Nurse claims

diego maradona argentina mqqof37magdd12zbcuxdqhliq

Football hero Diego Maradona allegedly sustained a head injury a week before he died of a heart attack following a fall at his house, but was never admitted to the hospital.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that after slipping and injuring his head at home, the Argentine figure, who had just had surgery on his brain to remove a blood clot, was not taken for a scan.

It is confirmed that a lawyer defending a nurse who worked for Maradona said:’ Seven days before his death, Maradona collapsed to the ground. He fell and hurt his head, but for an MRI or a CT scan, they did not take him to the hospital.’

The startling disclosure comes when Leopoldo Luque, Maradona’s personal doctor, is being investigated for medical neglect as police begin an inquiry into his death.

The research also supported speculation that when he died of a heart attack aged 60, Maradona was alone in his house in Buenos Aires.

An autopsy report reported that after suffering a heart attack, he died in his sleep. Dilated cardiomyopathy, a medical condition in which the heart muscle gets damaged and swollen and does not pump enough blood to the rest of the body, has also been detected by medics.

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The same nurse’s lawyer has said that on the Friday before his suicide, she had spoken with Maradona but was shot on Saturday.

She stayed at the behest of Maradona’s entourage to prescribe his medicine, according to her lawyer but was no longer taking or regulating his blood pressure.

Police searched Maradona’s doctor Luque’s home on Sunday and authorities are looking at all the medical personnel involved in his treatment after his daughters Dalma and Giannina gave comments asking whether their father’s medicine was sufficient.

Repubblica also notes that records have appeared demonstrating that before his death, Dr. Cosachov had demanded 24-hour professional and nursing assistance for the former Argentine actor, but Luque could not plan for that to happen.

Luque answered these accusations on Monday and advised reporters that Maradona was ‘unmanageable’ and should have been sent to recovery.

‘I was surprised when the police arrived at my house,’ he said. I will co-operate entirely.’

‘I know what I did and what I did up until the last moment was for the good of Diego. I’ve done the best I can.’

‘I feel bad that a friend has died. I don’t blame anything on myself. What’s happening is really unjust.’

‘I haven’t seen Diego’s daughters too much but I’m adored by the rest of his family, his brothers and his nephews.’

‘Somebody’s trying to find a scapegoat here because there’s no one I can see anywhere.’

‘We’ve both done the best we can with Diego.’

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