Biden faces criticism, After signing a controversial executive order requiring schools to include transgender players in girls’ sports


Since signing an executive order that requires schools to include transgender students in girls’ sports, US President Joe Biden is facing scrutiny.

The legislation is aimed at preventing and fighting discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation, according to the Biden Administration.

Some Americans contend that the order would now make it mandatory for schools to allow female transgender students to participate in sports for children.

It would disadvantage cis girls, some critics say; accusing Biden of ‘erasing women’ and introducing’ a new glass ceiling’

Idaho State became the first nation in March 2020 to ban transgender students who identify as female from competing at public schools on female teams.

In the United States, 16 states have friendly laws that help promote complete participation in high school sports of trans and non-binary students.

In his presidency, Trump opposed the participation of transgender female athletes in girls’ sports and threatened to attract funds, but Biden used his first days in office to announce his own executive order against discrimination.


Just hours after the new POTUS took office on Wednesday evening, the order, titled Preventing and Fighting Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation, was signed.

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It notes that ‘Children should be able to learn without thinking about whether the toilet, the locker room, or school sports would be refused entry.’

The order adds:’ It is my administration’s policy to resist and fight discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.’

Biden argues that such anti-discrimination regulations are ‘enshrined in the anti-discrimination laws of the country’ and are compatible with a 2020 Supreme Court decision banning’ discrimination based on the gender identification of another.’

If it is, if they do not allow transgender female students to participate in girls’ sports, schools will have funding drawn up.


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