Bill Gates makes grim forecasts for the end of the coronavirus pandemic


Bill Gates has given his outlook for the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

A variety of guesses about key developments of the global health crisis have been made by the billionaire Microsoft founder that have brought the world to a standstill, most of which have been proved correct.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t think that until halfway through 2022 we will be fully back to normal, although he thinks things could start to restart in some countries in the spring of 2021.

In the battle against Covid-19, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced this week that it is pledging a further $250 million (£190 million) to “support the research, development, and equitable delivery of lifesaving tools”

It takes the cumulative donations of the charity to the pandemic to $ 1.75 billion (£ 1.33 billion).

Gates says a positive indication that the end of the pandemic may be insight is the recent revolutionary advances in vaccines, but it will be some time before the whole world sees the benefits.

“By the summer of 2021, the rich countries will have more vaccine coverage than other countries,” he told the Hindustan Times.

So most of the rich countries are going back to normal. But I do think because the virus is going to be in the world, we’re still going to be very conservative about major public events, we’re still going to have some mask-wearing.

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We really need to remove this virus almost anywhere or else we have noticed that they are still at risk of reinfection even in countries that have done a super good job, such as Australia or Singapore or Hong Kong or South Korea.

So they had to limit tourism and other travel, but that will begin to open up by summer.

“They won’t be totally back to normal but sometime in the first half of 2022, I do think we will be able to say that we’re back to normal.”

In another NBC interview, Gates warned that since it is winter in the northern hemisphere, “the next four or five months will be quite bleak”

In an unsettling premonition of the Covid-19 outbreak, Gates warned in 2015 of the risk of a virus spreading rapidly worldwide.

And he predicted in September that the Pfizer vaccine will be the first to become available to the public, a fact that has also come true.

Gates has been the subject of deranged conspiracy theories about the pandemic, despite his huge monetary donations to combating coronavirus, who insists he’s financing vaccines that will plant or even destroy microchips in recipients.

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