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Bitmoji Paint, a massive multiplayer online painting game, is being released by Snapchat

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According to The Verge, Snapchat is going to get a new original Bitmoji Paint game today.

The game involves Bitmoji-those cutely grotesque customizable avatars-and painting, as the name suggests. It’s Snap Inc.’s second title from its in-house games studio, which last year started putting out games.

“With Bitmoji, our objective has always been to be the avatar of the world to give people a digital version of themselves that represents them and allows them to be online,” says Ba Blackstock, Bitmoji’s co-founder. “And so with games now, letting people play together in a really new and exciting and fun way, too.”

On a gigantic, pixelated grid, Bitmoji Paint places players and lets them paint those squares as a shared canvas.

Zoom out, and you get the art of pixels. The first thing you’ll see is floating islands in space, which are different servers that you can join with hundreds of other players; you get there by pressing the rocket icon or searching.

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There are three modes-move, paint, and map-and users can also use stock emotes to communicate with other players around the world.

In Snap’s game menu, there’s also a voice chat option to talk to your friends while you’re scribbling. Creations endure, because you can continue to work on the stuff that you have begun.

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John Imah, head of games and entertainment collaborations at Snap, says A lot of the playability in the game is things like simple scribbles.”

“In Bitmoji Paint, you can send fun messages, and even[make] giant landscapes, all these things are possible.” He’s been playing the game for a while now and says he’s excited for the world to see it and then to see how people have fun with it. (As far as moderation goes, unless they’re already buddies, players will not see each other’s Snap IDs, and the company stressed that it would have quick access to reporting tools.)

To draw users into its app and stand apart from rivals like TikTok and Instagram, Snap has used games and exclusive filters. Outside of the game, the new anime lens went viral and was used 3 billion times in its first week.

That said, to hear Imah say it the games program has been a major success already. “We have had over 100 million Snapchatters playing our games to date, which we are incredibly proud of,” he says.

“Every day, an average of 20 minutes is played per player when they play the Bitmoji Party,” says Imah. Sounds like there are some major shoes for Bitmoji Paint to fill.

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