Brazilian Bodybuilder, ‘at optimum physical condition’ dies due to complications from Covid-19


A bodybuilder who was at his “peak physical fitness” has died from complications of Covid-19.

The death of the 40-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder, who won the championship, left his family and friends shocked.

Roberto Gervásio was considered to follow a balanced lifestyle and everyone assumed he would recover in such good shape”.

According to his brother, Kelvin Tavares, 27, the athlete had been in the hospital for a month and died on Saturday 12 December.

He died at the Ana Carolina Moura Xavier Rehabilitation Hospital in Curitiba after the disease infected 75 percent of his lungs.

Roberto was the owner of a gym who was passionate about his sport and had been studying bodybuilding since the age of 27.


He was proclaimed national champion of the last edition of the Sardinha Classic at the end of 2019, one of the country’s most prestigious bodybuilding competitions.

A video shows him executing stylish choreographed movements displaying his sculpted body in one of the competitions he entered.

“His devastated brother said He was in top shape and at the top of his sport and very proud of what he had accomplished.

He never smoked, never drank, and practiced the diet of a strict athlete. Since he was always a patient person, he had no comorbidity.

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“His death was unexpected and everybody was shocked because he was the last person we thought would happen to.”

It’s suspected the businessman contracted coronavirus during a business trip to São Paulo last month. The athlete reportedly began having symptoms shortly after returning.


On November 12, the diagnosis was confirmed and he was hospitalized 11 days later.

Kelvin told TV news that his brother Bom Dia Parana did not take chances with his health and followed the protocols of Covid-19, with mask-wearing and social distance.

“He shut down his gym and forbade friends and relatives to visit him at his home.”

Three times before being admitted, the athlete went to the hospital complaining of feeling sick.

His health worsened quickly two days after he was admitted, and complications set in. He was put on a ventilator and sedated.

He never recovered and there was no opportunity for his family to say goodbye.

Bodybuilding community members paid tribute to their comrade, describing him as a sensational athlete who set the bar high for all those who trained him and competed with him.

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