0 PAY Train surfing St Pete accident scene 1 east2west news

Boy 11 lose both legs in a YouTube clip ‘train riding ‘gone horribly wrong

0 PAY Train surfing St Pete accident scene 1 east2west news

After peers peer “pressured” him into train surfing, an 11-year-old boy lost both his legs, a risky trick that included riding moving freight carriages, for a YouTube video.

When Arkady Aksenov jumped on a moving freight carriage in St Petersburg, Russia, he was with two children aged 14 and 12.

The boy slipped fatally and fell on the track, leaving his limbs exposed to the wheels of the train, slicing off both of his legs.

“The two people he was with “left him for dead” were believed by his distraught mother, Maria Petrova, as they watched him “wounded and bleeding” through the bushes.

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Ms. Petrova said that Arkady’s left leg had been completely cut off, up to his buttocks, and that he had lost his right leg just above his knee.

Miraculously, brave train driver Bulat Zhakeev spotted the boy and gave first aid to the boy, avoiding blood loss and calling emergency services.

Arkady’s mom said in a Facebook post that two people “have been pushing him to try train surging and make a video for YouTube to become famous.”

She said, “You guys who tried to get him on the train.”

There were two of you, aged 12 and 14, and your names and addresses were described, of course. He was left injured and bleeding.

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They were not panicking, but left quietly, through the bushes.

“They didn’t try to run into people so that they might have been seen by the accident place.”

She added: “They were certain that the railway did not have any CCTV cameras, which is true, and that Arkady was going to die and not say a word.”

“Little fools, you!

Yes, people would have said that it was a shame that you had all begun, but they would have said that you had done well not to abandon your friend in that terrible hour.

“You’re not going to be disciplined for what you did.

“By law, you won’t be punished because you are children and you are not subject to the law.”

Maria said she watched her son’s video in -5C temperatures lying on the track before the passing train driver stopped.

Mr. Zhakeev said, “I noticed from the corner of my eye a large dark spot, and I thought it was soil that was not covered with snow, when it moved suddenly.”

It was a person who raised himself off the ground somehow and pulled himself away from the track. I realized it was a boy lying in a pool of blood with his face down.

Support,”He said Help. I’m cold. What I saw as dark soil was his blood.”I am cold. His blood was what I saw as dark soil.

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Arkady is alive but, it has been confirmed, he remains in serious condition, with state transport undertaking an inquiry into the breach of traffic laws.

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