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Brazilian Model has ‘hymen’ reconstruction surgery so that she can raffle off her virginity

0 Newsflash RaffleVirginity 01 1 e1604535155933

A Brazilian influencer claims to have rebuilt her hymen and is trying to raffle off her virginity.

Ana Otani, who operates a YouTube channel and a subscription service for adult content, said she wants to make money from having sex with an unknown man.

Her friend, Diego Aguiar, a self-proclaimed financial influencer, made the announcement to his 1.4 million Instagram followers.

When Diego introduces her in the video, the Japanese-Brazilian model is seen unpacking in the background, saying: “Japa, my dear, had an operation to restore her hymen. In other words, she is once again a virgin.”

She is the last accomplished virgin in the world, and this virginity will soon be a raffle for us.

“It’s going to be the first virginity raffle ever, and you can apply for a very, very small number because I want everyone to have a chance to have a virgin in their life in Japan.”

But, when some accused Ana of endorsing sexual harassment, the clip faced some criticism.

Ana hit back on Twitter, defended herself and said, “I’m the girl of virginity!” And this is the raffle I want to make. They’re my body! Oh! My rules!

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I want to have sex with an anonymous guy. He knows me, though, and he wants me so much that he bought a ticket for a raffle!

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The only difference from a one-night stand is that I’m going to be sober and I’m going to make money! Ana and Diego have shared a video in which Diego acknowledges the support and criticism he has received from the luxurious seaside resort of Jurere Internacional, in the southern Brazilian city of Florianopolis.

He also rejected allegations of pimping, which in Brazil is illegal, unlike prostitution, which carries a sentence of one to four years in jail and a fine.

If the raffle is real or a promotional ploy to raise the profiles of Ana and Diego, it is not clear as the pair have not yet started selling raffle tickets and have not set a date to do so.

It is not the first time that Ana Otani has made the headlines. When she attempted to set fire to the headquarters of California TV, which produces her pornographic videos, in the north-eastern city of Natal, she was recently detained by the police.

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