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Young mum-of-three commits suicide after getting into debt

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A “brilliant” young mum-of-three, after she got into debt, took her own life, an inquiry heard.

Two of her children noticed Melissa McCracken hanging, and the young people concerned told a neighbor, “Mummy ‘s got something around her neck.”

Last November, a 23-year-old mum was pronounced dead at the scene in Wigan.

According to the Manchester Evening News, police found debt letters and three different stacks of papers for each of the children at their house.

Recording a “suicide” verdict, Coroner Alan Walsh characterized the death of Melissa as “highly sad.”

He told Bolton Coroners Court: “Melissa had a tough life. She had relationship problems, not least with her children’s father.”

She was someone who, with the help of her family, was trying to bring up three children as a single parent, but I imagine times were incredibly difficult and resources would have been tight.

“Clearly she got into debt herself.”

He added: “In those final moments, I do not know what went through her mind, but it must have been utter misery.”

“Among all that turmoil, it was her last responsible move to place all those children’s notes in different piles.”

When she admitted she “rarely” paid bills to her neighbor, Samantha Havill, Melissa had “brushed off her” financial problems.

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She told the inquiry: “I think she found it difficult to move from home and have three young children to take care of and run a building. It all got on top of her.”

Melissa remained at her mother’s house the day before her death and returned home with the children at about 6.30pm.

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She sent her pal, Glenn Rosental, a series of unanswered text messages asking him to come to her house as she “needed to talk to him.”

The last one was sent at 10.15pm, and after getting into a conversation with a friend, Mr. Rosental said he had forgotten about the messages.

The next morning, Ms Havill heard two of Melissa’s young children banging on her door.

When she responded, she was told by the worried youngsters, “Mummy has something around her neck,” and she found Melissa lying on the stairs.

She was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene shortly afterward.

Police Detective Inspector John Davies of Greater Manchester said there were no unusual circumstances and the piles of notes linked to her children seemed to have been “intentionally set out.”

A post-mortem examination gave Melissa’s cause of death as “hanging,” causing her death without any suggestion of alcohol present in her blood.

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Elaine McCracken, Melissa’s mother, believed that the financial issues of her daughter had been handled and that she had never assumed that her daughter “wanted to hurt herself.”

She described her daughter after the hearing on Wednesday as ‘a lovely girl who would do anything for everyone.’

She said: “To me, it doesn’t make sense.”

She was happy all the time and had a lot of friends.

She was a brilliant mother and the children were all about her. She loved them and they missed her so much.

“They’re so devastating. We were a close-knit family like that. I saw her and the children every day, too.

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