Britney Spears loses bid to stop the influence of her father over her life and career


On Tuesday, November 10, her counsel said in court that Britney Spears is afraid of her father and will not perform again because he remains her conservator.

Since she suffered a public breakdown in 2007, the singer’s conservatorship was put in place in 2008. For 12 years, it was supervised by her father, James Spears, giving him full power over her personal life, career, and estate.

Judge Brenda Penny refused to remove Jamie from his central position in the conservatorship in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, as Britney’s counsel, Samuel D Ingham III, had demanded.

The judge said she would accept potential demands for his suspension or direct dismissal in order to allow her father to regain control of her personal and financial affairs.

Ingham told the judge, “My client advised me that she is afraid of her father.” If her father is in charge of her career, she will not perform again. “He added that the singer and her father haven’t spoken in a very long time.”


The judge agreed that the Bessemer Trust, a corporate fiduciary, would now act as co-conservator of the estate of Spears along with her father, which the singer had requested.

The mother of Britney Spears and the ex-wife of James Spears, Lynne Spears, said via her lawyer that her daughter should not be pressured to follow the unfair demands of her father, calling their relationship “toxic.”

“The fact that things have come to this point has broken Lynne ‘s heart,” said the solicitor, Gladstone N Jones.

This year, the conservatorship was the target of massive online demonstrations.

“Fans who believe Spears is” trapped “launched the # FreeBritney campaign, and one petition, with more than 100,000 signatures campaigning for the freedom of Spears, claims:” Her father does not allow her to drive, all her calls & messages are registered, she is not permitted to vote, hang with anyone or spend her money without permission.

“And if she breaks a rule, he threatens to take away her children.”

As they do for every Spears hearing, hundreds of those fans were also demonstrating outside the downtown Los Angeles courthouse. Some were pictured with placards that read # FreeBritney with an inscription.

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