Call of Duty Black Ops Season 1 release time, details: new Cold War game maps, guns & more


Fan reactions to the game due to early release have been mixed, despite a hot digital sales opening for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. What’s widely decided upon is that Treyarch and Raven Software’s hectic development phase led to a skimpy first version of the game that needs to be fleshed out soon.

The update to the game in Season 1 would be a telling moment about how well problems will be dealt with over the next year. It’s still early enough to smooth over the existing memories.

With a batch of promised new maps and weapons, as well as gameplay tweaks, by the end of the week, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War can feel much more complete. At least that’s what Activision hopes will happen as it tries a final flurry of sales before the holidays arrive.

The game will also become completely integrated with Warzone, in addition to multiplayer updates. Using the New Warfare gaming engine, Warzone will continue to run, but it will soon include Cold War weapons and be available to play directly from the main Cold War menu.

Eventually, there will be a ranking reset across platforms for Season 1. In terms of military rank, users can retain their weapon unlock advancement and prestige but return to square one.

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Here’s what you need to know about Call of Duty Season 1: Cold War Black Ops.

Season 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War release date

  • Date: Dec. 16, 2020
  • Time: 2 a.m. ET
  • Systems: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will be released in the middle of the night for users in the United States and for people in Europe, Africa and Asia in the morning. This fits the trend of the Modern Warfare title’s key update release times before it.

What time will the Season 1 update be downloaded?

The update for Season 1 will be available for download at 2 a.m. ET on Dec. 16, Tuesday. If you can work out a download strategy for middle-of-the-night to allow you to play immediately upon waking up on Tuesday, that’s probably the best move. These downloads will take a while, as anyone who has played Call of Duty over the past year knows.

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Season 1 Cold War trailer for Black Ops

Released last week the Season 1 trailer includes both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone visuals.

What are the latest maps from Season 1?

Season 1 is arriving with two new 6v6 maps and four new 2v2 maps.

The Pines

As Activision: explains,

A medium-sized, multi-level map at 2900 Churman Road, just off I-189, The Pines is located in a neon-drenched New Jersey shopping center. The date is 21 January 1984, and there is little time at Radio House to try out the new tech, or drop a few quarters into the Pitfall! Galaxy Room Machine: This is where Stitch and Adler get to know each other again. Cutting through the specific shops that populate the side lanes enables quick, intense close-quarter battles and concentrated fighting, while going through the center of the mall allows for a longer-range assault rifle and sniper-focused duels.


Raid is a Black Ops II throwback map that is set in Los Angeles. For its combination of pretty visuals and balanced interface for a variety of multiplayer game modes, it is widely loved.

ICBM (2v2)

As Activision: explains,

In a war of wits and gunfire, with the focus on the gunfire, engage your fellow contestants. This studio environment features plenty of locations, from the contestant podium to the stepped stage and ’80s camera equipment, to engage a less intellectual type of competition.

KGB (2v2)

As Activision: explains,

Among the ostentatious trappings of the old USSR, Hammer’s victory home: An ornate hallway of imposing marble is deep within the famous Lubyanka KGB building. Behind thick wooden desks and tall library bookcases, search for cover and win a Gunfight victory for you and your mate.

U-Bahn (2v2)

As Activision: explains,

Beneath West Berlin, descend into the underground tunnels. Look past the Metro platform’s concourse and tile walls and storm the parked train and open subway carriage during this subterranean attack using the graffiti-covered subway car, central support pillars, and other areas as cover.

What guns in Season 1 are being introduced?

At the beginning of Season 1, there are two new weapons available. Throughout the length of Season 1, some will be added.

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A Mac 10 (SMG)

The Mac 10, unlocked at Tier 15 of the Season 1 Fight Pass for free, is a lightweight SMG with a fast fire rate. It will decide just how bad the vertical recoil is if it is feasible for multiplayer.

Groza’s (Assault Rifle)

As a good all-around force, the Russian-built assault rifle is considered. Level 31 of the Season 1 Combat Pass will be unlocked free of charge.

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