Care home employee, 21, jailed after he was found sexually assaulting dementia patients on Christmas day


A care home nurse who was captured on tape on Christmas Day sexually assaulting a vulnerable dementia patient has been jailed.

On Christmas Day 2019, when he assaulted a 69-year-old victim who was getting ready to visit her family, Dylan Birkett, 21, was working at St George’s Nursing Home in Barrow, Cumbria.

The survivor, who for legal reasons can not be named, suffers from dementia and vocal receptive dysphasia, indicating that she is unable to communicate.

After they became suspicious when she started to display signs of distress, Preston Crown Court learned Birkett was found out by a hidden camera the family had put in his victim’s bed.

Birkett was caught squeezing the breasts of the woman, putting her hand on his groin, and leading her to the bathroom in the en-suite.

The victim was apparently in pain and could not be comforted on the morning of the attack, and “very upset” spent the whole Christmas.

The woman’s husband said in a victim’s statement: “She was home with us on Christmas Day, but she was very upset all day.”

I took her back to St George’s and stayed there until she fell asleep.

“When I took the camera home and viewed the footage I was absolutely horrified to discover that Dylan Birkett had been physically and sexually abusing her while working as a carer in the home.”

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The husband of the woman then called the nursing home, who called the police, and Birkett was arrested the next day.

He acknowledged he had touched the woman during his arrest but said he was ensuring that she was dressed appropriately, but later admitted sexually assaulting the 69-year-old woman.

His victim was subjected to distressing forensic exams then but was too distraught to complete them in full.

Birkett was sentenced to two years behind bars by Judge Simon Newell and said the crime was “so heinous there could only be an immediate prison sentence”

He said: “You didn’t offer any conclusive view as to why it happened but a rational position might be that this was for self-pleasure by an immature, immature, socially inadequate and lonely young man who struggles from Aspergers.”

The woman’s husband said, speaking after conviction: “The realization of how well he has put her through has rattled our family to its core. No one here will forget Christmas Day.”

“Besides her dementia, my wife is still distressed by her ordeal and still has flashbacks and starts crying.”

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