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Check out Rihanna’s look alike from Brazil

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A lady looks like Rihanna so often that the real star even agrees that she’s a double-ganger.

Priscila Beatrice, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is often halted in the streets by fans of pop musicians.

Taking pictures with strangers has become normal for her since she was in school in 2007, as she has been compared to the Bajan icon.

The 28-year-old told Truly: “When people started comparing us, I was in high school.”

“My classmates and my friends said I looked like Rihanna so I started following her work.”

Around 13 years on, Priscila now works as a digital influencer and impersonator of the songstress.

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In order to maintain her look, Priscila needs a whole team of people and spends around an hour getting ready every day.

“It took me about an hour to get the visuals right, but with the help of my team,” she explained.

“It takes a lot more time without their help.

“I’ve been studying a lot about how she wears makeup. Looking at her angles and frames.

I looked at all of her facial tones and details-the ones that look like mine, so I could make them better.

“I follow her clothes, her makeup, and her hair so that I can look as much as I can like her.”

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Putting in this whole effort paid off.

Priscila has also been able to build a huge online fanbase and has even managed to capture Rihanna’s own attention.

She said: “I began to use TikTok for real last year, in March.”

I started recording videos and people thought that Rihanna was very similar to me-it was a hit!

“And a famous Instagram page shared the video later that night.

Rihanna saw it a few minutes later and left a comment: ‘Where is the album, sis? #R9’s.

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Added Priscila: “It was a dream come true!

“She’s noticing me. She had really noticed me. It was an awesome-a terrific feeling.

The lookalike is really enjoying what she does for a living, months later.

She said: “It’s a wonderful feeling.” People are watching me and thinking, ‘Wow… Rihanna! ’

Amazing Rihanna, who wouldn’t like it? ”

Though Priscila’s career has achieved a lot of success, there is still one landmark she would like to meet.

She added: “Meeting Rihanna is one of my biggest dreams.”

“I’d give her a hug, at least, and tell her she’s amazing.”

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