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Check out SAS super sniper which killed 5 jihadis in Syria, with just a single shot

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Five jihadis were killed by a SAS sniper with a single shot from one of the most strong rifles in the Army.

The marksman, a sergeant with 20 years of experience, took out a nearly 3,000-ft suicide bomber in Syria.

His explosive vest exploded when the bullet entered the terrorist’s chest, killing him and four other jihadists, one of them a top leader.

The assault took place during a kill-and-capture operation against the Islamic State in November.

SAS soldiers collaborated with Kurdish fighters to locate an Isis unit responsible for village attacks.

A Barrett .50 calibre rifle was used by the sniper, the most powerful weapon in his armory.

The weapon is used mostly to strike larger targets, such as aircraft, vehicles, trucks, and lightly armed tanks.

Its effect on humans is tragic and a single round can remove a limb.

For several days, the SAS team had been monitoring the alleged Isis bomb factory when five men left the building.

One of them was filming a suicide bomber looking at the camera and talking.

His base was radioed by the SAS soldier stating that the terrorists had arisen and he had a clean shot.

A source said: “The plan at that point was to drop with the first shot the suicide bomber and then the leader if they felt they could identify him.” Yet we’ve had luck.

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At the full range, the target was. The sniper adjusted the trigger for the storm, aimed and squeezed it gently.

He waited for the target to drop, but the guy detonated instead.

There were four bodies lying about when the dust settled, with different parts missing.

It occurred to the sniper then that the vest had exploded. You’re generally aiming for the head when you take out a suicide bomber.

“But this guy was at the extreme limit of the shooting ability of the sniper, so he went to the center of his chest mass.”

Our source said that the sniper was issued with a baseball cap with the words “Long Range Death” on it when the SAS team returned to its headquarters.

The source added: “The terrorists are frightened of snipers being killed.” On our rifles, we use silencers that severely deaden the sound.

“They can’t see us or hear us, and they only know that when bodies begin to hit the floor, we’re around.”

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