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Check Out These Gorgeous Snakes Around The World

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I’ve always been fascinated with animals that are exotic, particularly animals that scare most people.

Today, I’d like to share some information and photographs of the world’s 13 most gorgeous snakes.

Stay back to enjoy the beautiful thread and let us know your most beautiful snake described in this thread, please.

Malaysian Coral Snake

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The Blue Malaysian Coral Snake grows to around 5 feet and lives, like those of its own species, on a diet of other snakes.

Occasionally, a lizard or a frog might be eaten, maybe even an unfortunate pigeon, but for the most part, it is purely a snake eater.

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This poisonous reptile is mainly active at night when, once the sun goes down, it can be somewhat aggressive while staying very timid. By turning over and revealing its red belly, it uses its colorful body to scare off predators and uses its tail as a decoy for its head, allowing it to strike when its tail is struck.

In Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, this snake can be found.

Emerald Green Pit Viper

Let’s start with a relatively recent finding; in 2002, in the eastern peaks of the Himalayas in the region of Burma, the Emerald Green Pit Viper was first discovered.

This brightly green venomous snake has vivid markings, with red and white striped males with red eyes, while females have yellow eyes but mostly white stripes.

12935210 images1 jpeg jpeg209edec6a4f898efcdc7a52d90b407e7

They can grow to at least 4 1/2 feet in length, but as a fairly recent discovery in the reptile kingdom, we will still have a lot to learn about this lovely creature, including its actual maximum height.

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12935212 images3 jpeg jpegd27f509609759ba43b8e9f6487603bb9

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

12935239 images9 jpeg jpegfdb2ae2272d49a281724a44126e0a27d

One of mother natures most stunning snakes is the Brazilian Rainbow Boa. Tiny bulges on the scales that refract light like small spectra cause the opalescent quality of their scales.

This adds to the already appealing coloring of the boa and just really makes it a standout reptile. This snake, located mostly in the Amazon Basin, mainly prey on small rodents and birds, but can also eat amphibians such as frogs and lizards.

12935237 images7 jpeg jpegc250b88d3a108a1e74e6c9bf7bb78252

It is a medium-sized snake that averages about 5 feet, but often reaches 7 feet or more.

Northern Scarlet Snake

12935243 images10 jpeg jpegc5c0a48be9bad09b46e26308cf717d9b

In the southern and eastern United States, the Northern Scarlet Snake is found, sometimes burrowing in open forest areas or established agricultural areas and spends much of its time concealed.

12935245 images12 jpeg jpeg9bd644d4a5050c34dc065d7f8f336c3f

This nonvenomous colubrid feeds mainly on reptile eggs like snake eggs but also often eats rodents or lizards. With a record length of 32 inches, it is a tiny snake with a maximum length of fewer than two feet.

King Cobra

12935252 12themysticalkingcobraandcoffeeforests jpeg1b0ef3f3e0bc1391811582e0097e8e7b

People usually think of boas, pythons, and anacondas when it comes to large snakes. But King Cobra, the longest poisonous creature in the world, is no short-shot in the long term.

The King Cobra is still a fast and agile reptile, averaging about 12 feet but reaching out at over 18 feet.

12935253 images13 jpeg jpegc38cacc753be0ec722c575388df668f6

It is considered the most deadly Asian snake, providing in a single bite a lethal amount of venom. Found in Southeast Asia and parts of India, this snake primarily subsists on these other snakes but will eat lizards, small rodents, and even birds now and then.

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Topaz Tanami Woma Python

12935263 images17 jpeg jpeg454c0e61c616bfba5912575c98fa3d93

The Topaz Tanami Woma Python is a moderate python that grows to around 3 1/2 feet and was deliberately bred from the Tanami Woma Python while in captivity to improve the richness of its colors.

12935261 images15 jpeg jpegae88086c12dcb82a59e4407c891bbff6

The Tanami Woma is located in the Northern Territory of Australia’s Tanami desert region. Womas are snakes burrowing in their natural environment, mostly living in multi-chambered burrows. They eat small mammals as well as lizards and other reptiles, such as rabbits.

Leucistic Texas Rat Snake

12935279 images18 jpeg jpeg912c27819aadbc2c3d96c8f4139bd1af

A nonvenomous colubrid, found mainly in Texas, is the Leucistic Texas Rat Snake. I’m curious if this has anything to do with why it was called what it was?

The “leucistic” component indicates that all skin pigments have diminished pigmentation, which is different from albinism, in which only melanin is reduced.

12935280 images19 jpeg jpegabd52b9d6526d53511ce677c40ec8dfc

Unlike albinos, animals characterized by leucism may not have altered eye color. The Leucistic Texas Rat Snake grows to lengths of over 6 feet and has a good appetite and eats plenty of rodents and birds as well as frogs and lizards.

If treated, they are swift to bite, but their bites are often harmless.

 Emerald Tree Boa

12935284 images21 jpeg jpegad5f22f11d0ef5eb2559157b08d9e524

The Emerald Tree Boa is located along the Amazon River in several parts of South America, among others. They have an average length of about six feet but can expand up to nine feet. Their diet consists primarily of small mammals, but they also eat birds, lizards, and frogs.

12935285 images22 jpeg jpegbb8d862061f43b9ee2050c09fc86c724

Their sluggish metabolism allows them to go out between meals for several months. Emerald Tree Boas looks very similar to the Green Tree Python, though entirely unrelated species, which are mainly associated with the High Yellow Green Tree Python.

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High Yellow Green Tree Python

12935292 images24 jpeg jpegdb5f8aeb507a6591179520908433d906

A big snake, the High Yellow Tree Python, grows from four to seven feet in length. It is non-venomous and consumes tiny mammals and reptiles occasionally.

They hunt by dangling from branches and reaching the S shape, then constricting the prey. It is an oviparous snake and one of the few snakes left to incubate with its eggs.

12935294 images26 jpeg jpeg05b8e3cb0561b4ea9e7e49f24f7eb7e6

It is found primarily on the island of Kofiau in West Papua, Indonesia, although most of Indonesia, New Guinea, and parts of Queensland, Australia, can find the aforementioned Green Tree Python to which it is closely associated.

Pied-Bellied Shieldtail Snake

12935305 images29 jpeg jpegc6fa074a7dfc0545d158461dc32bfe25

In India and Sri Lanka, Pied-Bellied Shieldtails are coral snakes, burrowing snakes that often live underground. They primarily consume earthworms, it is claimed, but very little research has been done to confirm this.

12935304 images28 jpeg jpegb8814e3fe4f51cee9f78d93ddfa4629f

With a maximum length of about 2 1/2 feet, they are relatively small, although more frequently they are much smaller, often with full-grown snakes no longer than eight inches.

Coast Garter Snake

12935313 images31 jpeg jpeg777bc4d62aa248db3122ee0cdbf79611

From Oregon down to southern California, the Coast Garter Snake can be situated in the western coastal states of the USA.

The snake is completely safe to humans, but by chewing its prey, it develops a mild neurotoxin that it distributes. Swelling and discomfort may be produced by a bite from one of these colubrids, but has no lasting effect.

12935314 images30 jpeg jpegcfdd0460b0a51b57d5873c3348fb2110

Coast Garter Snakes have one of the most varied reptile diets and can eat practically everything from slugs, earthworms, and leeches to birds, fish, and rodents that they can overcome. They grow from 18 to 42 inches or so.

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