China is prohibiting Mike Pompeo from entering the country and 27 other former Trump officials


China, just hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, imposed sanctions against outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and 27 other high-ranking officials under former US President Donald Trump.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the former Trump administration officials were “anti-China politicians” who had undermined the relationship between the US and China, accusing them of “prejudice and hatred against China.”

in a strongly-worded statement released after US President Joe Biden was sworn into office in the early hours of Thursday morning, Beijing time.

(They) planned, promoted and executed a series of mad moves that seriously interfered with China’s internal affairs, undermined the interests of China, insulted the Chinese people, and badly disrupted China-US ties,”(They) have planned, promoted and executed a series of crazy moves which have gravely interfered in China’s internal affairs, undermined China’s interests, offended the Chinese people, and seriously disrupted China-US relations,”

The message also comes after a message was posted on social media by China’s state news agency proclaiming, “Good riddance, Donald Trump!”

In helping Trump clash with Beijing on trade, technology, regional security and human rights issues, many of the 28 former officials sanctioned by Beijing were considered to be influential.

Former trade advisor Peter Navarro, former national security adviser Robert O’Brien and his former deputy Matt Pottinger, former health secretary Alex Azar, former United Nations ambassador Kelly Craft, former Trump aide Steve Bannon, and former security adviser John Bolton were among those barred.

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According to the Chinese Foreign Minister’s announcement, the 28 former officials and their immediate family members will be barred from entering mainland China, Hong Kong or Macao. Furthermore, businesses and organizations connected to those mentioned will be barred from doing business with China.

The decision of China to place sanctions on the outgoing Trump team came after China said it hoped that the incoming US president would “look at China rationally and objectively.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing on Wednesday that over the last four years, the Trump administration had made several “fundamental mistakes” resulting in “serious damage” to bilateral relations.

Instead, the Biden administration should “look at China rationally and critically, meet China halfway, and push China-US relations back to the right track of healthy and prosperous growth as soon as possible in the spirit of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit,” said Hua.

“If the new US government can follow a more rational and responsible attitude in implementing its foreign policy, I think it will be greeted warmly by everyone in the global community,” she added.

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