1 robot breathing

China release a Sex Robot which has an Ability to Breath

1 robot breathing

With a new release capable of imitating breathing, an innovative sex doll has been unveiled.

Situated inside the world’s largest sex doll factory in the Chinese city of Zhongshan, British manufacturer LoveDolls has spent several years refining its models.

Dolls with artificial intelligence heads capable of limited conservation have already been created by the company, with the technology said to be improving “every year”

Now, a model with a “new and very popular” breathing feature has been designed by its workers.

“Everyone agrees that the perfect sex doll robot, almost indistinguishable from humans, will appear in our lives,” LoveDolls spokesman Adam told the Daily Star.

0 robot breathing 2

“They won’t appear overnight, though. Rather, by adding and upgrading existing features to current dolls slowly, they will be created.

Employees of LoveDolls have been busy creating these features and increasingly making their dolls lifelike.

“Adam continued: “In the head, eyebrows and pubic region, we have genuine implanted human hair. For the male dolls, this has also been put in the chest and armpits.

We do the crazy pubic hair patterns for free, and chest/armpits are $50 (£36) extra. The head costs $600 (£442).

“There is a new and very popular breathing feature. It plugs into the wall to charge.

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0 sex doll 3

The chest goes up and down just like breathing when turned on, and air comes in and out of the nostril to imitate breath in unison. It costs $600 for this extra customization.

A heated model with the same body temperature as human beings was also developed by the company.

Adam clarified: “The heated body plugs into the wall as well.”

The whole body will remain warm for up to eight hours once charged, with a remote control to set it at the same temperature of 37C as human beings. It costs an additional $250 (£184).

LoveDolls unveiled models with AI heads toward the end of last year that “respond to many questions and make sexual noises and/or facial expressions such as smiles and winks.”

In their chests, touch sensors have been implanted, but the feature is voice-activated, too.

With heads ranging from $1,500 (£1,115) to $3,000 (£2,230), their foreheads, temples and cheeks move “just like real humans.”

Customers bizarrely began to demand “monster” traits, including tails and vampire teeth, during the lockdown.

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