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Chinese men compete in the “Iron Crotch Kung Fu” competition

iron crotch kung fu2 750x375 1

The master of Juntun village came up with the visually-impressive swinging log with the number of youths ready to keep iron crotch kung fu alive. They kicked and stabbed each other in the groin until they trained, and beat themselves with bricks and sticks.

Only men who have already reached maturity can practice iron crotch kung fu, Wang said, and only under the instruction of a master who can teach the technique’s ancient secrets.

iron crotch kung fu

Without sufficient knowledge, trying this form of training regimen can lead to severe injuries with possible life-long negative consequences.

Zhang Jianguo, a professor of urology at Heke University of Science and Technology’s First Associated Hospital, told The Paper that men’s lower body would be affected by such violent trauma from a medical point of view, with possible effects including damage to reproductive organs and infertility.

It can also result in lifelong injuries by subjecting such a vulnerable area to repeated trauma.

Wang Liutai states that the iron crotch does not require retracting the testicles into the abdominal cavity to relieve the pain better, but to harden the delicate organs by using qigong breathing.

As the paper points out in the Chinese journal, while the iron crotch technique can sound interesting to the average person, its main downside, and perhaps a reason for the low number of practitioners, is that it is not very realistic.

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Most martial arts help individuals protect themselves better, or provide much-needed exercise, but this just makes your crotch very resilient.

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