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Christian Pulisic: Net worth, Social Media Profiles and Earnings

christian pulisic chelsea qhz7fbcw3hdr1848z2ts97y1y 1

As demonstrated by his contracts and endorsements, the most expensive North American footballer in history has considerable earning potential.

He was heralded as the ‘Wonder Child’ of the nation when Christian Pulisic exploded onto the U.S. soccer scene and he has since developed into one of the biggest stars.

The professional winger spent a number of seasons in Germany’s top flight with Borussia Dortmund, albeit at the early stage of his playing career, and made the move to Premier League side Chelsea in 2019.

In terms of his earning power, the most expensive North American player in history, Pulisic ‘s talent and star appeal placed him in a good place and he was rewarded with a variety of lucrative deals.

So, what is the USMNT star’s net worth and how much is he earning? What sort of endorsements does he have? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Christian Pulisic’s net worth?

Though it is difficult to put an exact figure on it, the net value of Pulisic is calculated by the Celebrity Net Worth website to be about $10 million (£8 m).

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He is still in his early 20s and at the beginning of his career, so he has not had the opportunity to accumulate considerable wealth, but a figure of $10 m is still important and it can only grow at a high level as long as he plays.

By way of contrast, the net worth of Pulisic is smaller than Raheem Sterling’s (£28m/$36 m) and a fraction of Cristiano Ronaldo’s (over $400 m).

What is Christian Pulisic’s salary?

For the length of his deal with Chelsea, which is expected to run until the summer of 2024, Pulisic is reported to receive £145,000 ($188,000) a week.

From his base club contract alone, he receives nearly £7.5 m (just under $10 m) a year, so his five-year deal with the Blues is worth a total of £37.5 m ($49 m).

Of course, most footballers often negotiate incentives associated with appearance, so his deal is likely to yield an even greater incentive-as long as he plays well.

Along with Timo Werner, Kepa Arrizabalaga and N’Golo Kante, he is one of the top earners at Stamford Bridge.

What endorsement deals does Christian Pulisic have?

  • Nike
  • EA Sports
  • Hersey’s
  • Gatorade
  • Chipotle

The biggest sponsorship contract for Pulisic is with the sportswear company Nike, and when it comes to promotional material for new football boots, he is one of the main faces used for the US audience.

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Like several footballers, in promoting their FIFA franchise, the USMNT star works closely with EA Sports and he has played in Twitch tournaments.

He also has endorsement agreements with a range of food firms, including Hersey’s, the Chipotle fast food restaurant and the Gatorade soda company.

Pulisic has helped promote the Perfect Play football training app, which was created in collaboration with Chelsea’s academy.

What charity work does Christian Pulisic do?

Pulisic has engaged actively in a variety of charitable projects and is only too happy to use his position as one of the best-known footballers in America to support others where possible.

After Hurricane Maria left parts of Puerto Rico ravaged in 2017, after learning that a young fan had donated a Christian Pulisic jersey to the relief fund to be raffled off, he got involved in a campaign to raise funds. The playmaker gifted the young fan with a new signed jersey in response and made a donation to the cause.

He and his USMNT compatriots Weston McKennie and Tyler Adams made donations to Feeding America, a charity that aims to counter food poverty, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, Pulisic partnered up with his sponsor Chipotle at the same time to get food distributed to the workers at the Milton S. Hersey Medical Center, the hospital in Pennsylvania where he was born.

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During the Covid-19 crisis, Pulisic also joined the Players Together campaign, which saw them making donations to NHS charities, along with the entire Premier League team.

How many social media followers does Christian Pulisic have?

Christian Pulisic’s Facebook , Twitter, TikTok and Instagram feeds have a cumulative social media follow-up of over 6 m.

With over 3 m followers there, Instagram is by far his most popular site, although more than 2 m follow content from his Facebook feed.

With about half a million accounts subscribed, his Twitter is not as successful and he has just over 300,000 followers on the relatively new TikTok application.

The social media networks of Pulisic offer an insight into the lifestyle of the forward and are often littered with images of himself playing or otherwise enjoying time with friends and family.

Sponsors will sometimes use the considerable social media influence of their partner-especially on Instagram and Facebook-to promote some of their products.

Christian Pulisic’s social media profiles

Instagram: @cmpulisic

Facebook: @cmpulisic

Twitter: @cpulisic_10

TikTok: @christianmpulisic


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