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Coronavirus could spark World War Three – UK military chief warns

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The coronavirus pandemic could cause World War Three, cautioned Britain’s chief of the armed forces.

Across the globe, economic devastation and anxiety are fuelling regional tensions, said General Sir Nicholas Patrick Carter.

“According to Sky News, the Chief of Defense Staff,” I think we are living at a time when the world is a very volatile and nervous place and, of course, the complexities of global rivalry are still a part of our lives, and I think that the real danger we have with quite a lot of the international conflicts that are going on at the moment is that you might see an escalation leading to miscalculation.

Asked if that meant the real possibility of another world war, Carter responded, “I ‘m saying it’s a risk and we need to be aware of it.”

As a message to anyone who could repeat past mistakes, Carter, who became the British military chief in 2018, said it was important to remember those who had died in previous wars.

In an interview broadcast on Remembrance Sunday, he said, “If you forget the tragedy of war, then I think the major danger is that people may think it’s a fair thing to do to go to war.”

“We must note that history does not repeat itself, but it has a rhythm, and if you look back at the last century, before the two world wars, I think it was unquestionable that there was an escalation that led to the miscalculation that eventually led to war on a scale that we will hopefully never see again.”

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