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Covid-19 ‘can mutate and make vaccine useless ‘ warns top Oxford doctor

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A professor cautioned that virus mutations could make a vaccine useless if it changes the virus’s actions.

Richard Moxon, the founder of the Oxford Vaccine Community, emphasized that concerns about a vaccine’s mutations are “unfounded” but added that it will be very careful.”

Since it was first identified in November 2019, Professor Moxon said the virus has already gone through many changes.

None of these improvements, he told Channel 4, stopped the development of the vaccine, but declined to rule out the Coronavirus Vaccine scenario: Is it safe?

Professor Moxton told the program that we would never know when a change in the genetic code of the virus”

He said: “We will have to track the actions of the virus, its evolution, very carefully.”

We will never know when a change in the genetic code of the virus will unexpectedly change the nature of the virus, either by causing more serious illnesses or as a possibility, totally unfounded at the moment, by causing a vaccine issue.

“This would be because the Spike protein has changed enough that the antibody responses and the other immune responses to it are no longer able to cope.”

By training the immune system on how to battle the pathogen, vaccines safeguard against disease.

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It produces antibodies – disease-fighting proteins formed and retained by latching onto their spike proteins to fend off invaders in the future.

If the vaccine is unable to recognize the proteins because it has mutated, this means that the body will fail the second time to attack a virus and lead to a second infection.

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Professor Moxon, who was not involved in developing Oxford’s Covid vaccine but created the experimental jab group, is also concerned about how to achieve global vaccination.

“We have to take on the fact that the vaccines, which are the most important tool we have to combat disease, need to reach everybody in the world,” he said.

And for all sorts of economic, social and other purposes, that is a very very tall order.

“I would hope that to be conservative, the wearing of masks, much, if not all of the time, will begin to recede as common practice as early as the autumn of 2021.”

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