Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brother, Investigated for Fraud Over Fake Replica Shirts


Portugal and Juventus superstar Hugo Dinarte Aveiro, the older brother of Cristiano Ronaldo, are reportedly being investigated for fraud after it emerged that he had ordered 13,000 fake replica jerseys to be made.

The Mussara company – owned by the Juventus star and run by his brother – ordered special edition jerseys to be made, as per Football Italia.

The project was commissioned by Pegaso, a Turin company, to pay £ 450,000 for the production of the shirts that were completed with the CR7Museu logo – the museum of Ronaldo.

It has now been alleged that Mussara denied ever giving permission to Pegaso to go ahead and begin the production of the fake replica jerseys, which are considered to be exact copies of Adidas designs.

The study adds that Mussara asked Pegaso to hand over the shirts for £ 3.60 each to ruin them, with Pegaso saying they spotted the same pieces for £ 36 on sale in the Cristiano Ronaldo museum.

This has now culminated in Pegaso supposedly looking to sue Mussara among those being looked at with Ronaldo’s brother in order to look at any potential wrongdoing.

It has also been argued that there is a legal conflict between Juventus and Mussara over the use of Ronaldo’s trademark legal rights.

This is not the first time that Ronaldo’s family has faced legal problems.

During his time at Real Madrid, Ronaldo himself was given a suspended prison term for tax evasion.

According to the Spanish prosecutor, over a four-year stretch, Ronaldo robbed the Spanish government of 5,717,174 euros (£ 5.3 million).

To escape a lengthy trial and possibly a harsher sentence, Ronaldo pleaded guilty and agreed to a settlement with the courts.

In recent years, after the five-time Ballon d’Or winner paid for Hugo’s treatment as he suffered from drug abuse problems similar to what Ronaldo’s father Dinis suffered from before his death, Ronaldo and his elder brother have become extremely close.

Dinis died while Ronaldo was at Manchester United in 2005 and Hugo was playing ‘street football at the time.

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