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Dairy employee arrested for ‘bathing in a tub of milk’ at factory in a viral TikTok clip

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After being filmed taking a bath in a tub filled with milk at a factory, a dairy worker was arrested.

The guy identified as Emre Sayar conducted the sick prank at a dairy facility in the province of Konya in Central Anatolia, Turkey.

In the footage shared on TikTok by a user named Ugur Turgut, Sayar sits in a processing room inside a cauldron.

With the milky liquid, he fills a jug and pours it all over him while rubbing his forehead.

When the police were alerted to the viral video on social media, both Sayar and Turgut were arrested.

The officials from the company that operates the dairy company said that after the incident, they terminated Turgut’s contract.

They added that not a dip in “milk” was taken by the prankster but rather a combination of water and cleaning content.

Officials believed the video was meant to “defame” the firm.

Ali Ergin, head of the Agriculture and Forestry Directorate in Konya, said that they had started an investigation and decided to shut down the facility.

He claimed that they had also lodged a complaint against the company with the Konya Chief Prosecutor’s Office and that they were planning to destroy all the milk and milk products at the dairy plant.

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“Our teams were told of the business at issue on the basis of pictures showing an alleged disregard for public health and food safety at the Konya dairy plant,” he added.

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