Dane dog with pointed ears that ‘looks like Batman’ turns to a Celeb on Instagram


A jet-black Great Dane dog who has become a viral phenomenon, a striking similarity to the movie character Batman.

Young Enzo is only 20 months old, but thanks to his imposing frame and bat-like ears, he is already turning heads online.

Danny Lemay, 35, and Stéphanie Godin, 29, from Quebec, Canada, shared their adventures on Instagram with Enzo, which now has 31,300 followers.

Danny, a health worker, said: “Enzo is with us all the time.”

He never spends more than three hours on his own, for he is like a human being to us. I bring him with me everywhere, hiking every week and every day on walks in the woods.

0 Meet Enzo the Great Dane who has gone viral thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Batman and even

It was just a spontaneous idea that we started an Instagram account for him last summer; we’re still on hiking trips, so we figured it was a perfect opportunity to take beautiful pictures of him.

He became so popular on Instagram and loves our followers that when he really isn’t, he looks like some kind of crazy beast.

Posts are also received stating that Enzo looks like Batman and some of our followers call Enzo a bat dog.

“In real life, he sure does look like Batman. And his ears are similar. We love this one.

One day, we want to be remembered as a bat dog by the Batman squad. I even tried to get in touch with them, but I still didn’t have a response! ”

Danny is constantly overwhelmed with comments saying that Enzo looks like “Batman” causing him to post a jaw-dropping picture of his loyal dog sporting a pair of bat wings.

But while he may look like a “mad beast” or a scary superhero, Enzo is a sweetheart indeed.

0 Meet Enzo the Great Dane who has gone viral thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Batman and even 1

Danny said: “Enzo is a very nice guard dog.”

He is still happy and needs everyone and every other dog to play and cuddle.

“When he hears something around the house, he likes to bark. He’s not aggressive at all and although he wants to impose himself, it’s only when he plays around.”

0 Meet Enzo the Great Dane who has gone viral thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Batman and even 2

The health worker said, speaking of his pooch: “He’s so majestic. People stare at him every time we go out, but it all just seems so normal to him.”

Of course, when they see Enzo, many people get frightened, but his only aim is to see people and to cuddle, and once he does that, people are no longer scared.

“As Great Danes are very sociable dogs, he’s just like a human and wants to do everything the same way.”

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