ulquiorra vs byakuya

Death Battle: Who Will Win – Ulquiorra Vs. Byakuya?

ulquiorra vs byakuya

The tale of Bleach, from Ichigo’s final fight against the villainous Sosuke Aizen and his gruesome feud with Grimmjow Jeagerjaques to Rukia’s victory over the shapeshifting Aaroniero Arurruerie, is characterized by several classic fights.

And Ichigo’s final fight against Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, of course. Suppose Byakuya was the next to face the 4th Espada?

Captain Kuchiki battled and defeated Zommari Rureaux, the 7th Espada, but his opponent was taken too lightly by Zommari.

Ulquiorra Schiffer, on the other hand, goes all out to kill the enemies of Aizen and could use his full powers to get the edge on Byakuya. If they threw it down, let’s see what will happen.


What Are Byakuya’s Skills & Abilities?

Since it’s a competitive bunch, Captain Kuchiki is approximately in the center of the pack where Captains are concerned.

Bleach’s best character is arguably Captain-General Yamamoto, and Captains Ukitake and Kyoraku are both powerhouses.

Then there’s Squad 6’s Byakuya Kuchiki, and he has a very diverse range of abilities and skills.

When it comes to the Flash Step, Captain Kuchiki is 2nd, being able to quickly move from one position to another and produce an attack in the process.

In their first (and very short) clash, he took Ichigo by complete surprise, and few fighters could keep up with Byakuya’s movements.

With that technique, only the legendary Yoruichi Shihoin, the Goddess of Flash, is quicker.

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Furthermore, when it comes to swordsmanship, Byakuya is among the strongest of the Soul Reapers, having practiced long and hard with his grandfather, Ginrei Kuchiki.

With the great ability, he can also perform barehanded fighting, although he does not specialize in it as Yoruichi does.

Byakuya’s array of attacks is even more effective. He can perform a wide range of Kido spells, such as the Riku Jokoro six-rod restraint to lock an enemy in a position to make them an easier target, and with the narrow but strong Byakurai (white lightning) Kido spell, he can puncture the enemy.

A transparent wall that prevents enemy attacks can be thrown up by his barrier spell, Danku, and it also works on Espadas.

But the ultimate power of Byakuya resides with his Zanpakuto, Senbonzakura, who can smash the enemy into a thousand bladed blossoms that can swarm.

His Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, is a larger version of that and in a massive, circular arena with many blades, Byakuya’s enemy can be stuck with him.

Byakuya could also use his final technique in that arena, Shikei: Hakuteiken.

It focuses all the energy of Byakuya on offense, enabling him with incredible strength to make an all-or-nothing hit.


What Are Ulquiorra’s Skills & Abilities?

Among all the ten deadly Espadas, Ulquiorra ranks 4th, and he is an outstanding Arrancar, making the most of any natural talent his kind has.

The skin of Ulquiorra is hard like metal, the famous skin of Hierro, and he can use Pesquisa to sense the strengths and strength of an opponent so that he can react accordingly.

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His Sonido is very fast and gets even faster when he releases his Zanpakuto, an analog to the Flash Step.

Apart from that, Ulquiorra can charge up and fire devastating Cero blasts from his finger, or execute rapid strikes using the weaker yet quicker Bala technique.

His melee attack is efficient enough to punch with a little difficulty right through the enemy’s flesh, and he’s known to favor hard kicks.

Despite having only a brief amount of time to practice with one, his sword technique is easily on par with the main protagonist, Ichigo.

Zanpakuto of Ulquiorra is Murcielago, and when he releases it, he gains bat wings and can form strong lances of fire.

His Sonido is almost impossible fast, covering in the blink of an eye a vast distance (it took Ichigo by total surprise).

With the lethal Cero Oscuras technique, a black and amazingly strong Cero blast that can easily overpower Ichigo with his Hollow Mask on, his enhanced strength is capped off.

But that is not all a Segunda Etapal, a second release, can be performed by Ulquiorra, and his strength and pace can be increased again.

He also receives a tail, meaning that instead of four, he can attack with five limbs, and he can throw explosive spears of energy that can obliterate large buildings.

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His exceptionally quick regeneration is most significant of all, meaning he can regrow missing limbs or body parts in a matter of seconds. No other Arrancar, heals faster as he does.

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Who Then Wins?

This duel will start with testing of the waters by Byakuya and Ulquiorra, using simple Flash Moves, Sonido, and swordplay to try and get the edge on each other.

Byakuya will then use his Kido spells and Shikai to get a small advantage on Ulquiorra, as the movement set of Ulquiorra is not as diverse, only using various kinds of blasts.

However, Byakuya would make slow progress against the hard skin of Ulquiorra, so he would enable his Bankai to get a more significant lead and deal some harm, particularly by forming the arena of Senkei.

Ulquiorra would finally release Murcielago to catch up, and Byakuya would be too much to handle with his Cero Oscuras, extreme speed, and strong energy spears.

Byakuya can not keep up with the Danku barrier and Flash Move for long, and if Ulquiorra releases again, Byakuya will be overcome by his melee attacks and Ceros.

After all, without too much pressure, Ulquiorra could handle Ichigo’s Hollow Mask mode while Byakuya struggled against it.

What’s more, Ulquiorra is a Vasto Lorde, and in sheer fighting power, those mighty Hollows outclass Soul Reaper Captains.

Ulquiorra will definitely Stumps Byakuya with his full strength.

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