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Despite ban, DJI says people can still purchase and use their drones in the U.S

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DJI says that despite being added to the Agency List of the Commerce Department, individuals in the US will still be able to purchase and use their drones and other goods.

On Friday, the Chinese drone giant was placed on the blacklist for “enabling broad-scale human rights abuses in China through abusive genetic collection and analysis or high-tech surveillance,” most likely a reference to how DJI equipped the Chinese government with drones and other technology to be used in its Muslim detention camps in Xinjiang province.

In the U.S, DJI is disappointed with The Commerce Department’s decision. In a statement to The Verge, the company said that consumers in America will continue to buy and use DJI products normally.

“DJI remains committed to developing the most innovative products in the industry which define our business and benefit the world.”

As a result of being added to the Agency List, the organization refused to include any further detail about what it expects will happen. Usually, being on the list means that US firms are barred from exporting technologies to blacklisted firms.

Not only does DJI sell goods to customers, but its technology is used by all types of businesses that need drones or handheld cameras because it is far and away from the industry leader.

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This is not the first time that the US government has been threatened for access to Chinese drones, typically because of security concerns.

In October, the Department of Justice banned the purchasing of foreign-made drones with agency funds, and the Department of the Interior said that while looking at allegations of espionage and cyberattacks, it will ground its drone fleet.

Many of these activities have been held back by DJI, saying allegations of national security transgressions are baseless.

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