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Detective dismissed, after referring to his black fellow police officer as ‘choc ice’

0 Stewart Miller

After he referred to a black cop as a ‘choc ice,’ a top investigator was fired.

Former Chief Inspector Stewart Miller, who oversaw high-profile inquiries into murder and abuse, was sacked for gross misconduct by Humberside Police.

HullLive notes that Simon Mallet, chairman of the disciplinary council, said his comments were ‘incredibly detrimental’ to the public’s view of the police.

He claimed that latent bias had been at play in the event, providing the decision of immediate dismissal at a disciplinary hearing in Goole, East Riding, Yorkshire.

He said, however, that this was indeed a “serious act of discrimination”

“The use of language has been very serious and the fact that such language can be used by a senior officer in the Humberside Force is incredibly detrimental and undermines race relations.”

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The disgraced officer confessed to a colleague’s remark: “[He] is not fat or diabetic and has a good job, so he doesn’t fit into the category, he’s actually as close to white as he can be, he’s a shock ice, actually.”

“[He] is probably more white and middle class than I am.”

The comments were made to a detective inspector in relation to a black officer who when working during the Covid-19 pandemic, raised concerns about his safety.

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In June, just months after receiving disciplinary action in relation to two cases of disreputable conduct, he made racist remarks.

He only realized what “choc ice” meant after searching the word on Google, the officer of 21 years of service said.

In his position as specialist command officer for coronavirus, he said he just made the statement to demonstrate that during the pandemic, the BAME officer did not need to shield at home because he did not meet the “risk factors” for doing so.

The remarks did not amount to gross misconduct, Mr. Miller claimed, but the jury disagreed.

The remarks were racist, abusive, unethical, and in violation of values and equality, and diversity.

He said prejudice in the military is “wholly unacceptable” adding: “Public confidence and reputation of the force can only be obtained with immediate dismissal.”

“Detective Superintendent Matthew Baldwin of the Professional Standards Department of the force said In modern police, there is no room for this sort of offensive language or behavior and we will not tolerate it from any staff member.

“This case clearly demonstrates that our officers and staff will not accept this kind of language and will confront and deal with it if they hear it.”

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In the “background of Covid,” Mr. Miller had said the remarks were made and used by mistake, in error and ignorance and used in a clumsy way that was not meant to be racist”

It was a momentary unintended error, over in seconds,’ he insisted.

Although the panel agreed that the officer was under “significant pressure at work and juggling “numerous responsibilities” his excuses did not allow him to maintain his job.

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