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Disabled girl, 12, raped, decapitated and dumped in isolated area as cousin arrested

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A disabled 12-year-old girl was allegedly raped and killed by her cousin who dumped her body after decapitating her.

The body of a girl, 12, who had a hearing and speech impairment, was discovered near the village of Dantiwada Taluka in India following a search of the area.

Police were informed of the girl’s disappearance the on October 16, and found the body of a minor the next day.

Dr Kushal Ojha, Deputy Superintendent of Deesa Police, said officers found a “decapitated body” near a pond.

Her head was located “some distance of the body” and early investigations suggests the girl was raped before the killing.

Detectives allege Mali raped the victim and beheaded her “due to the fear” of getting exposed, New Indian Express reports.

Dr Kushal Ojha said: “The case came to light when Dantiwada police found a decapitated body near the pond near Moti Bhakhar village.”

He added: “A day earlier, police were informed of the disappearance of a 12-year-old girl from the area.

“On the morning of October 17, the body of a minor was found in the border of Moti Bhakhar village.

“The police also found the severed head of the girl at some distance of the body.

“On investigation, it was confirmed that the body was of the missing girl.”

Police have arrested the victim’s cousin, Nitin Mali, 25, in connection with the incident, after CCTV footage of the victim on his motorbike was discovered.

Dr Ojha claims: “In CCTV footage the accused Nitin Mali (25), cousin of the deceased, was found to be riding with the victim on his bike.

“Primary investigation revealed that Nitin, raped the victim and later beheaded her due to the fear of getting exposed.”

He added: “Prima facie, it appears that the 12-year-old girl was raped and then murdered by the accused identified to be her cousin.

“The body was sent for post-mortem and the report is awaited.”

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