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‘Disgusting’ custom sex doll made to look like a singer makes her “physically ill”

ex doll e1607981426527

One especially strange fan has paid to get a “terrifying” sex doll replica made that looks exactly like her a singer has confirmed.

Brocarde, from London, says she gets a lot of bondage requests” on social media, but by having the sex doll replica complete with her signature makeup and hairstyle, one follower took it too far.

The fan claims to be having sex with the doll and even dressed the toy in a provocative black dress bought from the fashion line of Brocarde.

“The 37-year-old said This guy told me he made a brocade sex doll with my hair and stared at the eyeliner.

He told me that he had purchased one of the dressers I had designed to wear for him. That was scary. I was so surprised and disturbed that it made me feel physically sick to see the image of the doll.

the doll

It just felt violent, and the consequences of it were really disturbing, like someone pretending to have sex with me.

He said, ‘I love f*** my brocade doll,’ and then sent those images.

“He got immediately blocked, it’s the only answer, there’s no way I’d entertain a conversation with a man like that.”

the singer

Brocade, who has 137,000 followers on Instagram, said that by asking her what she should wear and how she should act, men always want to dress her up like a doll.

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She adds that she “hates creepy messages” but someone making a sex doll that looks like her especially surprised her.

Brocarde said Nobody needs to see their own homemade sex doll.

Men always want to dress me up like a doll by suggesting what I should wear and how I should act. They’re not the kind of men I’d actually date, but there’s definitely a lot of them asking.

I’m having a great deal of slavery and intense demands.

“I’ve also had men asking for a lock of my hair as a keepsake and wanting me to record personal messages for them so they can hear my voice.”

Another unusual request was from a man who said that he wanted to kidnap” her.


My career is “killing” my love life because men can not separate her from the artist, the singer reckons.

“She added: “This man had a series of special demands, the first of which was that he wanted to abduct me and tie me up.

I didn’t just stick to what else was on his list.

I still have people beg me to write songs for them, and it’s almost like an ego boost for them and it’s semi-disturbing.

“It’s like I’m stuck in some twisted plot where people want life to imitate art and vice versa.”

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