“Disgusting” woman found “pooing” outside a shopping center in the middle of the street


In the middle of the street, a repugnant woman was seen “pooing” as onlookers walked by.

The incident was captured on tape, showing the woman pulling her pants down before squatting and taking a dump.

The vile woman allegedly goes for “a pee and poo” in the photo, while a man can be seen walking past her outside a Brighton shopping centre.

Marc Silver, who had just walked out of work during his lunch break, caught the moment on video.

He said the woman, as she defecated, had “no care in the world,” reports The Argus.

“He added:” I was walking to get some lunch from Sainsbury’s because I was still working, and I was on my lunch break.

“My eyes couldn’t believe me. Right outside Churchill Square-in the world, not a care.

At least she was supposed to jump in the bush or out of view of the central shopping district.

“It’s repugnant.”

3 Market lane

In the image, the woman appears to be squatting in between a food truck and a couple of waste bins.

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