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Dog dies in a vile bestiality assault after being ‘gang-raped’ and stabbed 30 times

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A poor dog died sadly after being “gang-raped” by multiple individuals in an abhorrent attack of bestiality that left him with 30 stab wounds.

A distressing video shows the bleeding dog on November 1, struggling to walk on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

Helpers then put a lead on the pooch and under its bleeding body place a sack.

Due to its poor state, the party took the dog to the vets in the bag after the video finished.

Marta Buitrago, the resident who took the dog to the vet, told El Tiempo newspaper that when she found her, the dog seemed to be hurt and very tired.

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Liliana Guerrero posted pictures and videos on Facebook, claiming that the dog was “stabbed several times and sexually abused by many people.”

“She added:” They stabbed her because she would not allow it.

Liliana later, sadly, announced that the dog had died.

She added that she felt incapable of voicing “the immense sorrow and helplessness I feel.”

“Her genitals were ruined, she was stabbed almost 30 times, punched and other minor injuries were caused,” she said.

“With the amount of suffering, the dog could not cope.”

Reports said that when the incident took place, the dog had recently delivered a litter of puppies, sparking outrage on social media.

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Shockingly, another dog recently died as a result of a bestial assault in the region.

The dog, called Aquiles, died in the municipality of Quinchia, although it is uncertain if an investigation was carried out by the authorities.

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