1 High Angle View Of Handgun On Table

Dog shoots man on the leg after paw mistakenly gets caught on gun trigger

1 High Angle View Of Handgun On Table

A dog shot a man in the leg in an astonishing accident after his paw got caught on a pistol handle.

After the dog inadvertently set off his gun as he bent down to pick up the pup, the man was shot.

When the dog’s paw got stuck on the trigger, the gun was tucked into the unidentified man’s waistband.

After the weapon was fired, he was shot in the leg, but the injury isn’t life-threatening.

The man drove himself to the hospital, according to authorities.

Local Plano police officer David Tilley spoke about the incident to the Dallas Morning News, saying: “Fortunately, it was just a shot through and through, it didn’t strike the main artery or anything.”

“He has taken himself to the hospital and he is all right.”

For anyone carrying guns, Plano Police issued an alert to make sure the holster is secure.

“Cops said:” We ask for your protection and the safety of others if you have a license to carry, to be responsible.

A three-year-old boy died tragically last month after accidentally shooting himself in the chest while celebrating his birthday.

After finding a pistol belonging to a family member and unintentionally discharging it on himself, the toddler was killed in Porter, Texas.

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When they heard the sound of a gunshot and then found the horrible scene, the other family members were playing a game of cards. Disaster unfolded.

Evidence revealed that the gun had fallen from one of the family members’ pocket-with the toddler finding it before the shooting.

As the family made a run for the nearest source of assistance, the unnamed boy was rushed to a nearby fire station, but when they entered the building, he, unfortunately, died of his wound.

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