Donald Trump die-hard supporters ditch Twitter in massive numbers, After his suspension from the site


After being permanently suspended from the website, President Donald Trump’s die-hard fans began disabling their Twitter accounts.

Earlier today, two days just after the invasion of the Capitol that led to the death of five people and a few hours after he tweeted that he would not be attending Biden’s induction, Twitter permanently banned Trump’s account.

In a statement, Twitter clarified why they took the decision, saying: “After a close review of recent @realDonaldTrump account tweets and the context around them, specifically how they are received and interpreted on and off Twitter, we have permanently suspended the account because of the risk of further incitement of violation.”

“Goodbye Twitter” gained momentum a few hours after the suspension of President Trump’s account as his diehard supporters began to disable their accounts.



The news of Trump’s suspension also crashed the Parler website, possibly because their servers were overloaded by new users. Reportedly, the outage lasted for less than an hour.

On Twitter, some top conservatives have exchanged Parler profiles, promoting their followers to travel there.

Angela Stanton-King wrote on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of her Parler username, “Follow me on PARLER access it directly through the website don’t try to use the App,”.

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Parler handle was also shared by Republican Rep. Thomas Massie. “I’m ThomasMassie on Parler if @jack’s social cleansing takes out my account here,” he tweeted.


A call to action was also tweeted by radio host Mark Levin, urging his followers to “join me on Parler and Rumble now.” Levin said in a tweet that he also “suspended” his personal Twitter account “in protest against the fascism of Twitter.”


Parler, a service for microblogging and social networking, is a popular forum for conservatives, with over 2 million active users every day.

Republican and conservative leaders, who have called it the “free speech” forum, use it prominently.






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