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Donald Trump rejects projected Biden win, says ‘election far from over’

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On Saturday, US President Donald Trump remained defiant, denying his Democratic challenger Joe Biden ‘s expected electoral victory and vowing that “the election is far from over.”

Biden is expected to have won 290 Electoral College votes to meet the threshold required to win the White House, after projected wins in Pennsylvania and Nevada, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Trump accused Biden of “rushing to falsely pose as the winner” of the hard-fought race, which saw unprecedented turnout and was one of the most contentious in recent memory, in a statement just after the announcement.

Trump said: “The simple truth is that this election is far from over.”

“Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any state, let alone any of the heavily contested states heading for compulsory recounts, or states where our campaign has legitimate and credible legal challenges that could decide the ultimate victor.”

Trump has wrongly asserted on more than one occasion since Election Day that he won the election, despite the persistence of ballot counting in many crucial states, including Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona.

He has also consistently made false allegations of widespread voter fraud, an accusation that both election officials and legal experts have dismissed.

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In some states, the Republican leader’s party has filed lawsuits. The courts have already dismissed some of those lawsuits, but Trump’s statement said the litigation will proceed on Monday.

“Our campaign will begin to prosecute our case in court beginning Monday to ensure that election laws are completely enforced and the rightful winner is elected,” he said.

Trump campaign promises a fight

In the meantime, Biden said on Saturday that he was “honored and humbled” to be named the race’s predicted winner.

The former US vice president said in a tweet, “I am honoured and humbled by the trust the American people have put in me and in Vice President-elect [Kamala] Harris.”

He also reiterated a call he had made for peace and healing over the week. It is time to put the rage and the harsh rhetoric behind us with the campaign over, and come together as a country, “he said.”

This will be just the fourth time in the history of the nation that an sitting president is defeated by an opponent if the AP’s prediction of a Biden victory is certified.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s private counsel and former New York City mayor, mocked Biden’s projection as president-elect on Saturday.

Who says that?? Giuliani asked a group of reporters gathering just outside Philadelphia to make an announcement about the legal activities of the Trump campaign. “When Giuliani was told that the US TV networks were making the call, he shouted:” All the networks! Both these networks! Don’t be silly, the networks can’t decide the elections.

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The courts have,’ he said. Bill Stepien, the Trump campaign manager, also vowed earlier in the week to “keep fighting for this election because that’s what the American people deserve.”

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