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Driver detained after he tied a pooch to the back of his car, and dragged it on the road

0 Dog torture 2 EAST2WEST NEWS

After a horrific video surfaced of a dog being bound to a car boot and pulled on a lane, a driver was slammed.

On Thursday, January 7, Dashcam video of a motorist driving behind captures the appalling scene in the town of Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

While being pulled behind a black vehicle, the poor canine has a rope tied around his neck as the driver proceeds to speed down the lane.

It is apparent that the pooch couldn’t keep up the pace and appears motionlessly lying on the ground, leaving a sick trail of blood on the street.

Kind-hearted motorists who heard the driver’s cruel violence and forced him to stop the vehicle.

A woman is heard asking the driver: “Why are you doing this?”

She later made a report to a Kind Hearts animal rights group, who then informed the authorities to track the driver down.

“The woman was quoted by a volunteer working in the group saying: “The man did not respond.

He just picked up the puppy, threw it into his boot, and then drove off.

“The whole road was covered in blood.”

The police looked at the driving license of the man and succeeded in finding his address.

Rescuers said that when they went to take it to a veterinary clinic, the severely hurt animal bravely stood on all fours.

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“Painkillers were given to the wounded animal, and the wounds were treated carefully.” One said.

0 clinic

The volunteers post graphic photos showing that the dog received “very deep” open wounds on the hip with rubbles from the road pulled from the deep incisions.

The front leg, with the bone protruding, is seriously wounded.

Under animal cruelty rules, the unidentified driver has been arrested and is under criminal investigation.

The police said the man reported that, at the behest of friends, he was moving the dog and that the boot had opened during the trip, and the dog “fell out”.

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