cat killer

Evil thug jailed after he told cops about how he tortured a cat before ‘butchering’ it

cat killer

In what police fear was just his new attack, a sick and twisted cat murderer filmed himself torturing a cat first with spray paint.

On Wednesday, November 11, Stefan Wallace, 25, was jailed for six months for animal cruelty, MyLondon reports.

On October 1, Met Police officers originally arrested Wallace, of Dagenham, East London, for possessing a machete in a public location.

He made alarming remarks during the arrest about the ‘butchering’ of a cat that was investigated by the police with the help of mental health practitioners.

Officers watched a video found at Wallace’s home on a hard drive showing him torturing a spray-painted cat before eventually killing it.

0 Kitten looking up towards the camera

PC Tony Kiddle said In the extreme, the footage found at Wallace’s address was alarming.”

“He takes off his mask during the filming to change the camera, clearly confirming his identity.”

Police fear a variety of animals have been killed by Wallace.

It would be difficult to put a number of the level of his offending, given the large number of ways that domestic pets, roaming freely, can come to harm,” PC Kiddle added.”

But, considering the content of his home video, I think it is possible that in recent years he has played a sinister role in the deaths of a number of animals.

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“Wallace’s conduct has been horrifyingly cruel and it is comforting to know that he has been brought to a position where he can do no more harm to his beloved pets.”

Wallace is barred from owning or possessing any animals for 10 years as part of the penalty granted to him at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court.

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