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Ex-barcelona star, Arthur says, ‘Ronaldo is more transparent than Messi’

lionel messi cristiano ronaldo barcelona juventus gfx 18ru7ydho2s4i163cll764owvi

According to Goal, As a team-mate, Cristiano Ronaldo is more accessible” than Lionel Messi, says Arthur, with the Brazilian international having served at Barcelona and Juventus with two all-time greats.

Over the summer, the South American midfielder completed a move from Catalonia to Turin.

That change enabled him to exchange a place for one next to a man with five Golden Balls to his name alongside a six-time Ballon d’Or winner.

With both blessed with unworldly talent, Arthur is unwilling to be drawn into a debate over which of the modern-day icons can be deemed the greatest, but he agrees that Ronaldo is more personable than his eternal Argentine counterpart.

“Above all else, they’re champions,” Arthur told AS.

“Messi and Ronaldo are similar in this. Concentrated, often from beginning to end.

If they score three goals, they think about the fourth one instantly. Never do they disconnect. It’s impressive and inspiring at the same time because they’re driving you to do your best.

“Ronaldo speaks more and is more open compared to Messi. If there is a team-mate in need, he never backs down, and he inspires fierce determination.

He’s training like an animal, he’s not sure what a break is, and he’s always pushing you to do your best. He doesn’t leave anything to chance.’

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In search of continuous development, Arthur was not shocked to see Ronaldo pushing himself to breaking point, although he challenged the early morning workout habits of the 35-year-old.

Because people talk, the world of football is tiny, and they tell you about it, I already knew that. They tell you what he does but it’s amazing when you see it up close,” Arthur added to Marca.

Around two in the morning, there are days when we get back because we played late and he starts practicing.

Who does it, who does it? Uh, Cristiano. I’m laughing and telling him he’s sick, but what do you say to someone who’s got too many Ballons d’Or? Mentally, he is very strong.

The Brazilian added: “He has helped me a lot since I arrived, because we speak the same language.”

He’s still near and helps me with things that I didn’t understand, for instance. He also tells me what to eat with his meal, too.

He cares about others, always seeks to do something to support and contribute. With Cristiano, I was very fortunate, and with everyone in the dressing room, they are very good people.

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