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Fight breaks out in Taiwan’s parliament as officials throw pig guts at each other

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A disturbing video of lawmakers tossing pig guts and other internal organs in a brutal row over US pork imports within Taiwan’s parliament has emerged.

The bizarre incident occurred when members of the Kuomintang (KMT) main opposition party complained of a recent government decision to approve the importation of ractopamine-containing US pork, an addictive prohibited for pig use in the region.

The governing party of Taiwan opposes the allegation and called for a return to fair dialogue.

The film, which was widely posted today (November 27) on social media, shows the legislators tossing buckets of pig intestines, pig lungs, and skins at Premier Su Tseng-chang in an effort to keep him from taking questions in parliament.

Some are seen carrying placards rejecting the decision with slogans, whilst others in the region can be heard blowing whistles.

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As security guards run in to separate them, the noisy scene often sees members of opposing parties pushing each other in the atrium room.

During the fights in the parliament building in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, some of them traded punches and blows with other MPs.

Reuters announced that the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) denounced the “disgusting” demonstration, calling it a waste of food that “stank up” parliament as they called for a return to reasoned discourse.

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In August, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen declared that the government will approve imports of ractopamine-containing U.S. pork from January 1 onwards.

The additive increases meat leanness, but is forbidden in the European Union and China, as well as in beef above 30 months of age in the US.

In Washington, this news was accepted, eliminating a roadblock to a long-sought US free-trade agreement with Taiwan.

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