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Fitness blogger left paralysed after suffering a Stroke at 40

0 Newsflash InfluencerStroke 02

After suffering a stroke at the age of 40, a health and fitness writer was left paralysed on one side of her body.

After she started recording her workout regimes and progress through Instagram, Fernanda Ferreira built up a loyal fan base of online followers.

But her life changed completely four months ago when she found herself unable to stand and enduring a headache.

On December 2, Ms. Ferreira announced to her online followers that she had suffered a stroke caused by high blood pressure and high cholesterol and suffered a cerebrovascular accident.

Speaking to local news in her native Brazil, the influencer explained: “I woke up with a little headache on a regular Saturday.”

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I wanted to go to the toilet, and I fell down. I called my neighbor because I couldn’t get up anymore.’

Ms. Ferreira spent five days in intensive care and another 25 days in the nursing ward, seeking medication.

She can not use the left side of her body now and she has to start the long process of learning to move and talk again.

The blogger added, “My time in hospital has been preparing for a new reality, which will be totally different,”

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To help her restore her life, Ms. Ferreira is now consulting with health practitioners, a speech therapist, a psychologist and a nutritionist.

And she is now recording online her rehabilitation and progression.

She proceeded to expose her experience to news outlets in the Brazilian coastal municipality of Santos: “A stroke takes away the movement of your body, leaves you unable to carry out your activities, and this has made me very depressed.”

“It was very good to see that it’s possible to recover your life.”

Ms. Ferreira has made some improvement after four months of therapy.

She said: “Each day is a victory. Now it’s about living one day at a time.”

“She also added to others a warning, saying: “I don’t want others to do this, so I’m going to do everything I can to help. I had high blood pressure and didn’t realize it.

“I had a high cholesterol level as well and I didn’t go for any tests, no matter how bad I felt, so prevention is always important.”


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