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Friends run in terror after night-time visit to mausoleum takes chilling turn

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A group of daredevils were filmed running in terror after a short visit to a mausoleum in the middle of the night.

Reddit user Nbucky 99 and his two friends got drunk on a night out and took the bizarre decision to visit the Keeney family graveyard in Somersville, Connecticut, US.

Footage shows the three of them walking towards the huge family graveyard and standing by the entrance in front of the metal gate, saying: “Alright, so here we are at the Keeney mausoleum.

“Is anybody here? Hello?”

The cameraman pans across the small room inside and adds: “Would anyone like to say something?”

Seconds later, a set of footsteps can be heard approaching them before the man yells: “That is insane. Holy s***!”

The clip ends as the group run away in terror.

The user explained in the post: “Two friends and I visit a Mausoleum in Somers, CT.

“When we approach the fence and begin speaking there is a scuffle from inside.

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“This is followed by footsteps that sounded like they were running towards us.”

A viewer, who claims he is the man in grey hoodie in the video, commented that they were “drunk as hell” that night and thought it would be funny to see if they could catch anything on camera.

“Turns out we caught something I still can’t explain and I’ve been an atheist for years,” he added. “That’s actually my hometown.”

Some suggested if it could be from a homeless person who hid inside the mausoleum.

But the user said they went back the next day to get a better look of the site, adding: “That room is just a small square, what you’re looking at is the only entrance.

Others said the video brought them “chills”.

“Definitely sounded like it came from inside the way the echo came from back to front, and the crunch from the leafs and debris makes it extra chilling,” one wrote.

A second penned: “That seemed real. Scary as hell. I would’ve ran too.”

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