2 PS5 Launch Day UK

Game launches more PS5 inventory via ‘Easter Egg’ online search beginning next week

2 PS5 Launch Day UK

Gamers have struggled to get their hands on consoles that are selling out.

But luckily, before Christmas, there are still ways you can nab one.

In recent days, these retailers have been restocking PS5 s.

And now to give consumers another chance to grab a PlayStation 5, GAME has introduced an online ‘Easter Egg hunt’.

You must search for hints on the retailer’s website in order to win.

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These are going to be fairly tricky to spot.

They will be shaped like the classic triangle, circle, cross, and square controller forms of the PlayStation.

GAME website visitors can click these icons if they see them.

Good players will take me to one of over 100 awards.

There are four PS5 bundles available, as well as accessories and some of the most popular games on consoles.

To have the chance to win, visit the GAME website next week in December.

This month, the competition is distributed over five dates – the 7th, 8th, 10th, 15th and 17th.

On the website, players will have more than 1,000 pages to look through, so it’s not going to be an easy job!

But, luckily, tips will be shared on the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the store.

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To check out the competition page for GAME, click here.

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