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Google is developing an AI system to help people with poor vision run races

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Google is testing a method of artificial intelligence intended to help blind and vision-impaired persons run races on their own.

Project Guideline, which is an early-phase testing initiative, is an effort to give greater flexibility to certain persons.

To accompany them along a path, they wouldn’t actually need to rely on a tethered human guide or a guide dog.

According to VentureBeat, to use the device, a runner connects an Android phone to a Google-designed brace that goes around their waist.

A Project Guidance software will track a guideline that has been laid down on a course using the phone’s camera. When an athlete veers away from the grid, the app then sends audio messages to bone-conducting headphones—the sound can get louder in one ear the more they stray to the right.

The software doesn’t require an internet connection to function, and it can accommodate for a variety of lighting and weather conditions.

With the help of Thomas Panek, president, and CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind and an avid athlete, Google created the method. It aims to partner up with other organizations in a variety of communities to set up courses with painted instructions.

In recent years, the firm has carried out a range of other features to support blind and vision-impaired persons.

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In Google Maps, comprehensive spoken walking directions can assist them to travel independently around the city.

The AI of Chrome will recognize photos and include explanations of what they represent. Meanwhile, Google’s Lookout software will send users an audible cue if their route has a likely challenge and read documents out loud.

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