Google now provides weekly COVID-19 tests to it’s employees in the US


Entry to free weekly COVID tests has only been received by 90,000 Google staff. First, the Wall Street Journal published the news that any US Google employee (and its subsidiaries, including YouTube) would be able to sign up for a free test at home.

This is different from other firms, such as Amazon, which only offer assessments to workers who still have to operate in a physical environment, such as a store location or warehouse.

This is obviously something that Google employees are interested in, as after going online, the vendor’s website crashed.

Employees are promised that within two to four days of requesting one, they will get the test and that they will get the results back within two days of obtaining them from the laboratory.

Google is paying its affiliate, BioIQ, $50 per test, according to the Wall Street Journal Report. When multiplied by 90,000 workers, that comes out to $4.5 million per week.

Of course, the amount of $4.5 million implies that any employee takes advantage of the deal, although a spokesman for Google said the company suggests that they do. It’s also a very small expense compared to the profit margins of Google.

The spokesperson for Google also told The Verge that interns would also be eligible for the program and that in 2021 it could be extended to foreign workers. The firm hopes that if any of its workers is contaminated, the monitoring would help minimize the number of asymptomatic spreaders.

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President Trump announced in the early days of the pandemic that Google would build a website and a national system to access COVID tests.

That was not valid, although research in some regions was briefly provided by the Alphabet division. Google has done some public work, such as developing an Apple touch tracing system and enhancing the information it displays on its search results.

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